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Please read instructions for Journals (this can be found on the home page) befor

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Please read instructions for Journals (this can be found on the home page) before starting this assignment.
For your first Journal you will research the Great Awakening.  Cite any work (just with a works referenced page) using MLA ( (Links to an external site.)).
You will write your paper as a fictional person who has attended an Awakening revival led by Jonathan Edwards or George Whitefield. You will write a journal (diary) entry, letter or newspaper article about your experience.  Since you are writing this as if it were a primary source you need to pay close attention to primary sources as you research the topic.
This activity aligns with Unit 1 learning outcome 3.
Review these colonies in your textbook before starting the more in depth research.
You must use something from the American Historical Newspaper Database.  If you don’t see the content box below the other way to get to this database start at the Library (Links to an external site.) and then use these instructions – Library to Historical Newspapers.docx
For this assignment you will find the information “Colonial Period” Era, you will see in the middle column “First Great Awakening”, choose that.  There you will find the over view and many good primary sources.  Remember you need to you both primary sources and secondary sources.
A couple of other sites that could be helpful too. (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)
Research the topic using the textbook and Historical Newspaper database.
Write the entry as if you are living in the time period and following all other instructions and according to the rubric.
Included a Works Referenced Page using the MLA format.
Submitted it using the assignment link turn in (this is submitted through
Rubric for Journals (1)
Rubric for Journals (1)
Criteria    Ratings    Pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeResearch
Evidence of both secondary and primary research.
45 pts
Excellent use of both primary and secondary sources.
40 pts
Very good use of both primary and secondary sources. Good depth shown.
35 pts
Good use of sources. Some is a little broad. Perhaps too much emphasis on the secondary sources.
30 pts
Fine use of the sources, but some too broad.
25 pts
Research shown is okay, but too broad. Or some mistakes in the research shown.
20 pts
Research is weak. There is not enough shown or it is far too broad.
15 pts
Research is lacking and more needs to be shown.
10 pts
There is not enough research to show understanding of the subject.
0 pts
Too much is directly from the sources.
45 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeWorks Referenced Page
MLA Works Referenced Page is included.
10 pts
Works Reference Page included. MLA format is fully correct.
8.5 pts
Works Reference Page included, but MLA format needs a little work.
5 pts
Citations listed, but not MLA Reference Page. Format needs much work.
0 pts
No Works Reference Page.
10 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeCritical Thinking
Journal is written as if you were living in the time period, and develops and communicates your OWN perspective in a manner that is supported by research.
20 pts
Excellent. I feel like I live there.
15 pts
Very good, you have integrated the material and show a good sense of the time.
10 pts
Good, you have integrated most of the research, but there is also some listing of research.
5 pts
Fine research shown, but lacking integration.
0 pts
Too much directly from the source.
20 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeCollege Level Grammar
Grammar needs to be college level. o List of common errors to avoid:  Just one long paragraph or big chunky paragraphs.  Lack of capitalization (do not use text writing).  Spelling (again text spelling is not academic spelling).
10 pts
Correct grammar and spelling throughout. No mistakes.
5 pts
One or two mistakes.
0 pts
Several mistakes.
10 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeInformation
Is enough information included to show you have a good understanding. Word count.
10 pts
500++ words.
8 pts
425-500 words.
5 pts
325-424 words.
3 pts
250-325 words.
0 pts
Less than 250 words.
10 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeAbove and beyond
95 a very good grade it is an A. Getting 100% means you did amazing work, and even went above and beyond. These points are for those.
5 pts
Excellent, amazing interesting. Wonderful in all categories.
3 pts
Very good work, above and beyond in at least one area.
0 pts
All is well, most often this is the choice.
5 pts
Total Points: 100

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