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Discussion question 1: Choose one psychological disorder from your text, such as

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Discussion question 1:
Choose one psychological disorder from your text, such as depression or anxiety. Describe the disorder and then, using peer-reviewed sources for empirical support, discuss the latest treatments that are used by the medical and psychological communities to help individuals and their families cope with these problems
Discussion post reply 1 Caryn:
One psychological disorder that I find interesting is DID, or Dissociative Identity Disorder. Dissociative identity disorder (DID) is a rare condition in which two or more distinct identities, or personality states, are present in—and alternately take control of—an individual. Some people describe this as an experience of possession. The person also experiences memory loss that is too extensive to be explained by ordinary forgetfulness. The primary treatment for DID is long term psychotherapy and medication. There is no specific medication to treat the condition but the drugs are used to treat episodes of depression, anxiety or psychoses.
Discussion post reply Graham:
According to the article I’ve chosen on depression, depression is best described as “the alteration of nerve activity through a targetted delivery of a stimulus to specific neurological sites.” Which essentially means applying electricity selectively and in specific patterns to change the activity of the brain. (Cheyette, B. 05/08/20) Currently, they have some different forms of neuromodulation technologies (forms of therapy) in development, and while some have been approved and are under use widespread, many have not been yet approved due to testing and procedure. There are also forms of electrical currents known as TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) that applies weak electrical waves to the brain in order to prevent thoughts of depression or anxiety. They’re still developing these technologies, but they’re different from using antidepressants due to combating root areas of the issue as compared to utilizing medicines with potentially extreme side effects.
Cheyette, Benjamin – M.D. (05/08/20)
Discussion Question 2:
Discuss how you used the clinical research model/process to analyze the independent and dependent variables in your research project as it relates specifically to a baseline measurement, treatment/intervention, and determining the effectiveness of the treatment/intervention.
Discussion reply Eleanor:
Clinical research model the merger of clinical practice and research through the use of single-subject designs as an independent variable that is directly manipulated by the experiment to assess its effect on behavior They are two key variable in every experiment the independent variable and the dependent variable. Independent variable what the scientist changes or what changes on its own dependent variable what is being studies/measured. A variables is something you’re trying to measure. It can be practically anything such as objects amount time, feelings , events or ideas. If you’re studying how blood sugar level are affected by drinking diet soda and regular soda the type of soda- diet or regular soda is the independent variable. The level of blood sugar that you measure is the dependent variable-it changes depending on the type of soda. The effectiveness of the treatment/ intervention to a baseline measurement represent the period in which the intervention to be evaluated is not offered to the subject. During the baseline measurement of the dependent variable are taken or constructed. These reflect the status which can tell you whether your efforts are working to plan a truly effective program once you have implemented a planned intervention. One can look at ways to evaluate it success through evaluation relies on knowing the outcome and goal of a project and testing then against, while effective evaluation come from measurable data and clear objectives. Treatment represent the period during which the intervention is implemented and dependent variable using the same measures are obtained.>what work
Frankfort-Nachmias,C.,& Nachmias,D.(2008)Research Methods in the Social Science,7th ed
Discussion reply Kylee:
In analyzing my independent variable (education or lack of) and dependent variable (poverty rate), the clinical research model comes in great handy. To begin, my research topic is ‘How does the education of children effect the poverty rate in Honduras?’. We begin, by identifying the problem. More than half of the citizen’s in Honduras are classified as living in poverty. The second step is then to define your goals. My goal in this projects is to determine whether or not the lack of adequate education plays a role in the outstanding poverty rate in Honduras. You then, select a single –system research design. Because I am not truly doing an experimental research project and am only looking at previously recorded data about the subject, a simple design would suit my research just fine. The next step is to determine a baseline. Our text defines a baseline as, “”a series of measurements of the client’s condition prior to treatment that form the basis with which to compare the client’s condition after implementing treatment” (Moette, et al., 2014). I would measure the rates of poverty and high school graduation and compare those with the rates in the U.S.
Monette, D. R., Sullivan, T. J., DeJong, C. R., & Hilton, T. (2014). Applied social research: A tool for the human services. Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole, Cengage Learning. Retrieved October 22, 2020.

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