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Below there is four different sections of Question and answers I will be numberi

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Below there is four different sections of Question and answers I will be numbering them off and attaching the files as well as naming them based off of what they belong to. there are some videos on youtube to watch as well and I will be putting them in the description below with the questions that it pertains to. thank you for your help; I appreciate it.
First line of questions with required data:
You are a consultant who specializes in job candidate evaluation and employee selection. A moving company is seeking your advice about the appropriate selection measures to evaluate candidates for the position of driver/mover. When people are moving from one home to another, they contact the moving company to take care of relocating their belongings. The people responsible for the move are the driver/movers. Because driving a truck is an essential function of the job, applicants must not only be physically capable of driving, but must also have an impeccable driving record. Driving a truck is a dangerous safety hazard if the applicant is not a good driver. Also, the job description requires that applicants for a driver/mover position with the moving company must have the physical ability necessary to move heavy furniture safely and without damage. An applicant unable to perform this task would be a risk to the employer, as well as to the safety of co-workers, clients, and the clients’ belongings.
1. What requirements would you list in the job posting & description for a driver/mover based on the information presented above? (please provide at least 4 requirements)
2. What type of physical ability test would you administer to the candidates? What type of tasks would you have them perform?
3. If you had a qualified candidate who requested an accommodation in regard to the physical abilities test, for example, they stated they could meet the lifting requirements with assistance from another employee, would you consider this request reasonable? If so, how would you go about accommodating this candidate once they were on the job? If not, why do you believe it wouldn’t be considered reasonable?
4. Let’s say you hire an individual who has stated they could meet the requirements of the job with or without reasonable accommodation and you later learn, from another colleague, the individual has previously been diagnosed with narcolepsy. You have also learned this employee has had multiple instances in which he has run off the road and almost hit a vehicle and or pedestrian due to falling asleep at the wheel. As the HR Director, what would your next steps be? Explain.
second line of questions and data that goes with it:
read and review the case Strategic Hiring at Skookum Digital Works and answer the 2 questions at the end of the scenario. Questions are 1 What legal pitfalls might skookum have faced if it had continued a practice of selecting employees who were similar to the company’s founders? what measures besides hiring for values could help the company avoid these pitfalls?
2 Summarize two or Three principles from this chapter that could help Skpookum ensure it is hiring the kind of superior talent the founders say is essential to the company’s strategy.
(I will attach the Scenario as a JPEG. if you need it in another format please let me know and I will do my best)
Third Line of questions:
watch the video below and summarize the main concepts discussed by Dan Pink and answer the questions Video Link
1. Why is it important for employees to be engaged in their work?
2. What are some practical ways Human Resource professionals can help increase employee engagement?
3. Find an organization that has high employee engagement and describe how they maintain good engagement in their place of work. (you will need to do some research and cite your sources within your discussion post)
4. As an employee, what would continue to keep you motivated and engaged to come to work and do a great job every day?
Forth line of Questions:
read the memo linked below and then watch the video link uploaded below to gather details around this scenario that occurred in the summer of 2017. Then, answer the questions below under collaboration #1 in Discussions.
After reading chapter 3, do you believe there are any legal ramifications that could occur regarding Google for terminating James’ employment? Why or why not? Do you believe James has a strong case against the actions taken by Google? Why or why not?
*You only need to watch through timestamp 16:45 for the assignment to gain more insight as to the situation that occurred in the summer of 2017 regarding James’ employment. Link is

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