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Note to writer: you do not need to make a new post only reply to each case separ

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Note to writer: you do not need to make a new post only reply to each case separately by. that further enhance the discussion, not just agree or disagree
Question was : From the readings, what have you come to understand about high reliability organizations?
Case 1
I enjoyed reading this article, it had tons of information that I had no clue about. I also read many facts that shocked my mind and made me respect certain jobs a lot more. High reliability organizations are basically jobs that are at an extremely high risk for danger but there are usually no errors during the job. For example, it is types of jobs that if there were errors multiple times, it could cause a huge danger risk to the community, employers, and businesses. Small little errors for high reliability organizations can cause many deaths. Prisoner Transportation Branch is a huge example of an HRO, according to BOP inmate transport, there has been multiple failed escapes and multiple succeeded escapes while transporting the prisoners. All information from hospitals and appointments are disclosed and officers never take the same route while transporting prisoners (Babb, Ammons, 1996). If a prisoner is going to try to make an escape, it is most likely going to be while getting transported. Inmates will hurt their selves in order to get taken to the hospital to try and escape. If one small error happens during this job, the prisoner can escape and the whole state is at risk and the officers may lose their lives during the escape.
What I have learned after reading about High Reliability Organizations or HRO’s is that they are more efficeint and error free than organizations that are not HRO’s.
The most important thing I think to note is the following quote from the given text,
“Businesses that constantly deal with dangers but manage to operate nearly error free are known as high reliability organizations (HRO’s).”
The example and main subject used for the HRO is inmate transportation of the prison systems.
The Prisoner Transportation Bureau of the Federal Bureau of Prisons is a major example of a HRO because of the massive amounts of inmates being transported efficiently and without incident. The transportation of inmates consist of interfacility transport from prison to prison or even hospitals. The last inmate escape was 8 years previous to the writing of this data and since then 600,000 inmates have been transported without incident since. That is a very efficient system and would be characterized as an HRO. The last thing I learned about HROs is that there are always room error and the inmates are always looking for a slight breach in security. To be a high functioning HRO it would be wise to always keep a watchful eye regardless of the previously flawless track record.
Case 3
The overall message that I got from the information on high-reliability organizations (HROs) is that even in super high-risk situations where a lot of danger is present, preparedness can make all the difference (Babb et al., 1996).
The article stated, “The last inmate scape during transport was more than eight years ago. Since then, approximately 600,000 inmates have been moved without an escape.” (Babb et al., 1996). This statistic was the most shocking fact for me to read because it just goes to show what this class has been talking about this entire semester: the importance of preparedness.
Being prepared for any disaster or unexpected event can make a huge difference in society and our daily lives. For example, imagine if one of the inmates was extremely violent and was a serial killer, and they managed to escape. Let’s say that same inmate were to go around killing others just because this would evoke a lot of fear in the public world-wide and raise questions as to how safe transports are. However, because there are preparedness measures, events like this do not have to occur, and safety can be promoted. In conclusion, high-reliability organizations show that problems must be identified from early-on so training can reflect that, and no disasters will occur.

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