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Answer the questions below.
Read chapter 6 and briefly answer the questions below.
1. How does the Mayan creation story compare with other creation stories, such as those of ancient Mesopotamia and of Judaism and Christianity? 2. Why do we know so little of the many great civilizations of South America?
3. What were the most important accomplishments of the Maya? UNIT SIX-THE PERSIAN CONNECTION: ITS IMPACT AND INFLUENCES, 2000 B.C.E.- 637C.E.
1-Why was the area of Central Asia so important? Why was it inevitable that this region would attract conquest?
2-What are the basic principles of Zorasterianism? How does it compare with Judaism and Christianity?
3-Why did the Hebrews refer to Cyrus the Great as the “messiah”. UNIT SEVEN- GREECE CIVILIZATION AND ITS EXPANSION INTO ASIA, 2000-30 B.C.E.
1-Discuss the importance of the Polis to the Greek concept of the importance of the individual. 2-Compare and contrast the natures of the Athenian and Spartan world views. 3-What was the challenge brought about by the rise of the Cosmopolis during the period of Hellenism and the decline of the Polis. 4-What Greek ideas are still important in our modern society?
1. What was the significance of the story of Romulous and Remus? What does it say about Rome’s perception of itself? 2, Why was Caesar murdered? Would things have been better if he had lived? 3. Noting the discussion of slavery, why was slavery to be found in all ancient societies? 4. The famous expression of Christian ideas known as the Sermon on the Mount is written in the New Testament. How did the beliefs and values presented in this passage differ from the accepted values and practices of Greco-Roman civilization? UNIT NINE- GERMANIC SOCIETIES AND THE EMERGENCE OF THE CHRISTIAN WEST, 100 – 1100 C.E.
With the fall of the Western Roman Empire, a new Germanic-Roman culture led by the Catholic Church would arise to take its place. Read chapters eight and nine 1-What was the importance of the Monastic movement to Medieval Europe?
2-Was the period of 500 to 1000 A.D. really a Dark Age? Why?
3-What was the significant causes and results of the Crusades? What were the religious, economic, and social changes brought on by the Crusades?
4- How did the philosophies and actions of the medieval papacy influence European developments? What other institutions did its particular development influence and alter? How does the papacy of today differ from the papacy of Medieval Europe?
5-Did the growth of trade make the growth of towns and cities inevitable?
1-What was the significance of the Byzantine Empire? 2-What were the effects, positive and negative, of the rule of Justinian the Great?
3-What made Byzantine culture different from that of Western Europe? Why does the Orthodox Church, in many ways, still despise Western Europe?
4-Who were the Rus and why were they significant? What was at the root of their success in establishing a lasting kingdom in southern Russia?

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