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Question: Stereotypes of African Americans had long created barriers to their ec

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Question: Stereotypes of African Americans had long created barriers to their economic, social, and political advancement. Leaders of the Nonviolent movement had to deal with the dangerous backlash of white communities against black advancement and protest. During the “Week 2” discussion you illuminated stereotypes attached to the black community that inhibited their advancement. If existing stereotypes were impeding black advancement than it was imperative for nonviolent protest to undo those stereotypes. What three stereotypes were essential to the strategy of the non-violent movement?
Note: I would argue that in order for a rights movement to be successful it needs to challenge existing stereotypes. It needs to invert existing stereotypes and place the dominant culture in the position of perpetrating the very stereotypes that it has claimed belong to minority groups. Therefore, your job here is :
1. Identify three stereotypes
2. Explain why each stereotype was harmful to the community. (1 and 2 could be in a single sentence)
3. Explain how confronting each stereotype fit into the strategy of the movement. (The best way to get at this is to focus on the way the leaders of the movement explained the purpose and rationale of the movement and its actions.)
You essay should reference something in the first two readings—this could be the origin of the stereotypes that you choose or the discrimination that protest was attempting to overcome. You need to reference, from “African American: Non-Violent Protest”—either through a short quotation (no longer than 1 line—not 1 sentence), paraphrase, or summary:
1. Bayard Rustin, “The Negro and Nonviolence”,
2. Martin Luther King’s Montgomery Boycott Speech and his Letter from a Birmingham Jail,
3. the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee Founding Document
Your essay should be 1.5-2 pages*, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font, 1” margins. These are requirements. Not following these formatting instructions exactly will result in point deductions.
*1.5 pages is a length requirement. Not meeting this length will result in lost points. However, 2 pages is an indication about how long I think that the essay needs to be in order to be complete. It is not a maximum length requirement. You can exceed this length without penalty.
The essay should begin with a very short introduction (about 2-4 sentences) that announces your overall thesis. Simply use the intro to answer the question.
Intro example: (You can use this example as a template or you can just copy and paste this into your own essay and fill in the stereotypes.)
The strategy of the nonviolent movement was to illuminate injustice. In order to this this the leaders intended to counter existing stereotypes in an effort to demonstrate the common purpose and desire of all people. In this effort countering the x, y, and z stereotype attached to black people became essential to the strategy of African American nonviolent protest.
Then the essay should contain three supporting paragraphs. Each paragraph should begin with a topic sentence that announces the paragraph’s supporting argument—this is the x, y, or z in your thesis. The stereotype being discussed in each paragraph must be in the first sentence. In other words, the topic sentence should be a mini-thesis statement that supports your overall thesis. Then, in the supporting paragraphs, supply evidence from the reading assignment to support your paragraph’s mini-thesis. Because this is such a short assignment, you do not need a conclusion paragraph. You can just end with your last supporting paragraph.
In outline form, the essay should look like this:
-Intro (2-4 sentences, with thesis statement that answers the assigned question)
-Supporting paragraph #1 (with topic sentence at start. This should contain the X-stereotype and how it fits into your argument. )
-Supporting paragraph #2 (same as paragraph #1 but here Y-stereotype)
-Supporting paragraph #3 (same as paragraph #1 but here Z-stereotype)
For evidence in your supporting paragraphs, you can incorporate brief quotations from the readings. However, simply paraphrasing is enough. Do not rely on long quotations that take up too much space. Choose just the most revealing four or five words from a passage and build your ideas around it.
Citations: Do not worry about a bibliography or about formal footnotes or endnotes for these brief response essays. At the end of a sentence with quoted material or specific information, just provide a brief parenthetical citation. For the Africans:S laves, Residents but not Citizens reading, abbreviate it as SRC, along with the page number. Thus, a sentence that quotes from page 8 should end (SRC, 8). If it is a specific document like MLK Letter From Birmingham Jail (MLK-LBJ—no page number needed because where it came from is clear.

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