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***Discussion post reaction- Respond to the discussion post below with the follo

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***Discussion post reaction-
Respond to the discussion post below with the following:
– agree with something the person said and say why
– expand on a point the person who wrote the discussion post
Discussion post:
Ancient Sumerians were polytheistic and believed that the gods were anthropomorphic; this compelled them to try and influence the gods by placing small statues of themselves in temples in hope that the gods would watch over them. They had a belief in the afterlife that was rather pessimistic in that the offerings one was buried with were stolen by demons when their spirits traveled to the underworld. The spirits were then left to to weep as they ate clay and dust. These pessimistic outlooks on the afterlife was the cause of immortality to be heavily sought after. Something that I found interesting about ancient Sumerian religious structure, is how they did not trust the gods, even their respective chief gods to actually maintain any sort of order over the world, so they instead had priests to be in charge of governing the people and the goings on of the communities.
This was the early start of having a social, political and economic structure in the city states. Priests were the ones who maintained order and facilitated the happenings inside each city state. The social structure was hierarchal and the economy used bartering as the main form of exchanging goods and services. Neighboring Semitic peoples would come into Sumeria and assimilate to the culture and ways of life there, whether that be the agricultural practices or religious beliefs. Sumeria was eventually conquered by an Akkadian leader named Sargon who established the Akkadian empire. Unfortunately after his death, the empire fell but there were some things that remained such as the Akkadian language, written in Sumerian cuneiform characters that ended up being used as an international language in the Near East for centuries.
After the rise and fall of the Akkadian Empire, other Semitic peoples known as the Amorites invaded and included the Assyrians and Babylonians. Although the Babylonians assimilated to the Sumerian culture, they kept their own supreme god and established a capital city at Babylon. The king Hammurabi who came into power in 1790 B.C., brought all of Mesopotamia together under his reign and established the Old Babylonian Empire. The Babylonians contributed much to society at the time by introducing a standard legal code so that everyone would be under the same laws. A few other key contributions would be the study of astronomy, mathematics and astrology that we still benefit from in the present day.
One of the most important documents to survive from ancient Mesopotamia is the law code of Hammurabi. This document placed all peoples of the Old Babylonian Empire under the same legal system. The laws pertained to classes of people, property and business, setting prices for manufactured items and wages for laborers, gender roles and crime and punishment. The present day still uses practices like this in every society across the globe and most societies are kept under control due to these kinds of practices. Present day societies benefit much from the creations and discoveries of the distant past and we can see it in everyday life.

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