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You will write a series of historical-fictional “Pen Pal” letters between two pe

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You will write a series of historical-fictional “Pen Pal” letters between two people. The first person will be European and the second person may be either from the Middle East or from Asia. There will be three sets of letters (a “set” is person 1 writing and then person 2 writing back). Each letter should be approximately half a page long.
Set 1: This exchange should take place approximately ten years before the outbreak of the Bubonic Plague. Your characters should introduce themselves and describe the society they live in. Make sure that you include information about their class, gender, religious practices, and everyday life (for this assignment if you choose to be a serf or peasant you can assume they are extraordinary and can read and write).
Set 2: This exchange takes place during the outbreak of the plague. Imagine a scenario for your characters and their communities. Include both personal issues as well as larger societal issues.
Set 3: This exchange takes place about ten years after the plague dissipates. What is different in their societies and lives? How did the experience change them personally?
You should be gleaning information from your primary sources and provided resources to make the background/events in your letters as historically accurate as possible. For help writing good historical fiction, click here (Links to an external site.). Remember, these letters are between two friends–be creative!
Follows direction, uses letter format, correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, paragraphs 20 points
Enough historical background is provided to make the letters seem authentic 40 points
There are no factual or logical errors. The characters behave appropriately for their time and station. 20 points
Creative and historical imagination are present 20 points

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