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Answer any two (but only two) of the following five questions in essay form usin

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Answer any two (but only two) of the following five questions in essay form using MLA style.
1. Discuss the Japanese-American internment. What was the history of the Japanese in California? What were the different Japanese generations? How and why were the Japanese put into the camps? Discuss the two camps in California, the combat role of the Japanese-Americans, what happened at the end of the war, and the aftermath of the experience (reparations and lessons learned).
2. How did the Second World War impact California? Discuss the following: population and city growth, new industries (including aircraft), the role of women, African-Americans, Latinos/Hispanics, and Native Americans.
3. Discuss California under the governorships of Earl Warren, Goodwin Knight, and Edmund G. Brown, Sr. Include acts of the legislature and any important events we have looked at during the time of their governorships.
4. Discuss California under the governorships of Ronald Reagan, Edmund G. “Jerry” Brown (the first time), and George Deukmejian. Include acts of the legislature and any important events we have looked at during their governorships.
5. Discuss California under the governorships of Pete Wilson, Gray Davis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Edmund G. “Jerry” Brown (for his second time). Include acts of the legislature and any important events we have looked during their governorships.
Students may not work in groups on these questions. Do your own work.
Please use New Times Roman font (12 point only).
Please double space.
Answer all parts of the two questions you choose, clearly, completely, and specifically. I do not want just lists. I want details. For example, what was this event or that activity about?
There is no minimum or maximum length. Make your answer as long as needed. More is better than less. I am looking for answers that are factually and detail rich. Cover the questions thoroughly.
Indicate clearly which questions you are answering and which parts of which questions you are answering. Put some space between your answers and number them according to the questions above. Number your pages, please.
I want to discourage you from using most outside sources. They do not answer the questions. But, if you do refer to something, cite it properly. The students who do best on these exams do not copy out of encyclopedias and especially Wikipedia. Do not use these. Please make extensive use of class notes, the Zoom recordings, powerpoints, and your textbook (but do not copy one page after another out of it. Use lecture notes also). Britannica, Wikipedia, and and anything similar should not be used.
Once you have submitted your exam, you will not be permitted to re-do it. No makeovers. If you turn in your exam before the due time, I may read and comment on it but you may not change anything.
Please upload your exams to canvas properly. Please put both questions in the same file. While Canvas supposedly accepts all formats, I have found that it accepts a simple word document file (.docx) or rich text format (.rtf) the easiest. Avoid sending .pdf and Google docs. and other bizarre file types which cannot easily be found and read. Please submit your entire exam, together, in one file, in Canvas, and not scattered all over the place.
To avoid submission problems, do not wait until the last moment to submit your exams.

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