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Assignment 1: Determinants of Health Project (10%) Select a country and explore

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Assignment 1: Determinants of Health Project (10%) Select a country and explore health equity issues in this country. Topics of focus can include health access/coverage, fairness of health financing and health outcomes in relationship to locational disparities, ethnic/racial disparities, religious disparities, gender disparities, age disparities, socioeconomic disparities, disparities of sexual orientation etc. Write a concise, focused essay (approximately 3-5) pages) on this topic. Your essay should include 3-5 sources, referenced in APA format. Healthy People 2020 identifies 5 key determinants of health: Economic stability Education Social & community context Health & healthcare Neighborhood built environment (See: According to the Community Toolbox, Social determinants of health generally act through: -Differences in exposure -Differences in vulnerability -Differences in consequences for different populations (See ) In your paper, you should: • Identify 1-3 health disparities in your country of choice. • Identify the determinants of health that contribute to the health disparities you identified. (The Healthy People 2020 list is a good place to start! While exploring your topic you may find additional causes of the health disparities you identified- include these in your essay also!) • Describe how the determinants of health you identified lead to the health disparities you identified. • What are some interventions to address the determinants of health and health disparities you identified? This section should describe interventions that have been shown to be effective in improving the health outcomes you identified in your list of health disparities (either in your country or other countries). This section should also describe the government agencies/NGOs/university centers/etc addressing the health disparities and/or determinants of health you identified. • What are your recommendations for future interventions to reduce the health disparities you identified? Suggested regions to explore: Canada, USA (state level), Australia, Central America, South America, Caribbean, Africa, Middle East, China, India, Russia. Resources: All papers must be submitted to Blackboard. Assignments typewritten and will be assessed on both content and writing (style, spelling, grammar, presentation) Rubric (Score 0 if element is absent) Meets all criteria at high level 5 4 Meets some criteria 3 2 Meets few criteria 1 0 Points Possible Points Earned Description of Health Disparities Provides effective overview of 1-3 health disparities in the country of focus. A reader is able to easily understand the scope of the problem within the country. Provides a lengthy list of health disparities with little description. Health disparities from multiple countries are listed. Does not clearly identify a specific country or specific health disparities within that country. 15 Description of Determinants of Health Determinants of health are clearly linked to health disparities. The connection between health determinants and health disparities is somewhat clear. There is no apparent connection between the health determinants and health disparities identified. 15 Overview of Existing Interventions Essay includes a thorough overview of existing interventions addressing the health disparities/determinants of health previously identified. Essay briefly describes interventions addressing the health disparities/determinants of health previously identified Essay poorly describes interventions addressing the health disparities/determinants of health previously identified 15 Recommendations Clear recommendations are provided and justified by evidence. Recommendations are provided and somewhat justified. Recommendations are missing or vague, there is no justification for the recommendations. 15 Writing & Formatting All claims are supported by evidence. 5+ credible sources are cited in the paper Few or no noticeable grammatical or spelling errors. No errors in APA format for headings and references. Essay is easy to read. All sources are appropriately paraphrased and direct quotes are carefully used. Claims partially supported by evidence. 3-4 credible sources are cited. Several noticeable grammatical or spelling errors Few errors in APA format headings and references. Essay is somewhat easy to read. Essay includes large numbers of direct quotes. Large portions of the essay are unsupported by evidence. 0-2 credible sources are cited. Many noticeable grammatical or spelling errors Many errors in APA format for headings and references. Essay is difficult to read. Little of the essay is the student’s writing. 15

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