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Monsoon You should know the following: • How many phases are there to the South

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You should know the following:
• How many phases are there to the South Asian monsoon and what parts of the realm does each
phase affect?
• What is the relationship between the monsoon and high population densities? Hint: In other
words, what does the monsoon enable that supports such high population densities?
Population and population theories
• What is the basic idea behind each of the four population theories we discussed (Malthusian,
Cornucopian, Carrying Capacity, and Marxian)? Hint: Make note of the different graphs used to
describe each population theory.
• Which theories are generally positive about population growth? Which theories are generally
• What does each theory say should be done to solve population growth “problems?”
• According to the Demographic Transition Model (DTM) what are the kinds of things that lead to
changes in the birth and death rates for developing countries?
• According to the DTM, why does overall population increase dramatically between stages 2 and
• What are some of the important caveats to keep in mind about the DTM?
• What is the connection between the education of women and the birth rate in developing
countries? Why is there such a connection?
Agricultural transition and the Green Revolution
• What is agricultural transition? What drives it? What are its positive and negative
• What was the global problem that Green Revolution scientists were trying to solve?
Earthquakes and Tsunamis
• What is the Pacific “Ring of Fire?”
• What are the causes and consequences of tsunamis?
Cultural impacts of natural disasters
• What is alienation and how does it come about? What are the four different kinds of alienation?
Development indices
• What are the different kinds of indexes used to measure economic development?
• What is the Gini coefficient and what does it measure? What does a high Gini coefficient mean?
What does a low Gini coefficient mean?
Uneven development processes
• What is the spatial fix? How does the spatial fix contribute to uneven development?
• What do we mean by “free market effects?” How do these effects contribute to uneven
• What do we mean by externalization of costs (at the international scale)? How does
externalization contribute to uneven development?
Regime types and economic types
• What are the three types of government regimes we discussed? Hint: Use the table on the
Regime Types slide.
• What are the three types of economic systems we discussed? Hint: Be prepared to characterize
any combination of government regime and economic system. For example, be prepared to
describe what a socialist-authoritarian regime is like.
Globalization and state repression
• What is globalization? How long has it been around? Has it been positive/negative?
• What are some strategies of state repression?

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