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Use this study guide as an indication of the concepts that you will be tested on

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Use this study guide as an indication of the concepts that you will be tested on in the upcoming quiz and
the kinds of questions you will be asked.
Water geographies
You should know the following:
• The differences between (1) Surface water, (2) Groundwater, (3) Desalination, and (4)
• Where did ancient civilizations emerge in NASWA? Hint: We discuss three in the lectures.
• Where is there currently a dispute over dam construction? Hint: This was mentioned in an
associated video.
• Where in the Sahara might you find significant groundwater resources? Hint: There’s a map in
the lecture you can use to answer this.
• What is the hydraulic civilization theory?
• What is the difference between Hydropolitics and Sociohydrology? For example, if a society has
evolved to have special cultural meanings related to water, would that be Hydropolitics or
Sociohydrology? If two countries are fighting over access to an aquifer, would that be
Hydropolitics or Sociohydrology?
• What is orientalism and what does it say about the East?
• Likewise, what does orientalism say about Europe (the West)?
• What kinds of European actions did colonialism justify?
• What is White Man’s Burden and what did it justify?
• In Israel and the Palestinian Territories, who is allowed to vote? Who is free to live anywhere,
and who’s options for residence are limited? Hint: There is a very helpful slide on “Control over
space” that breaks this down.
• What is the difference between an IDP (Internally Displaced Person) and a Refugee?
• What forms of spatial control are being applied by Israel in the West Bank/Gaza Strip? Hint: We
talk about three of these and there is a slide for each one.
Conflict minerals
• What country in Sub-Saharan Africa is associated with cobalt and tantalum extraction?
• What is the definition of a commodity? Is the producer of a commodity interested in use-value
or exchange value?
• What does externalization of costs refer to?
• What does the term fetish mean and how does it keep us from being responsible consumers?
• How do responsible supply chains work? Responsible supply chains require one of the actors
involved in production to do something – which actor and what is it they are required to do?
Natural resource conflicts
• What things contribute to natural resource conflicts? Hint: There is a flowchart in the slides that
breaks down the drivers of conflict and how they combine.
• There are two feedbacks involved in natural resource conflicts. What are they? Hint: The red
arrows in the flowchart show the feedback loops.
Conservation strategies
• What are the characteristics of (1) Fortress conservation, (2) Game reserves, and (3)
Community-based conservation?
• What are the financial and social benefits and limitations of each strategy? In other words, who
benefits from each strategy? Who suffers?

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