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The purpose of this short analytical paper assignment is to examine the ways in

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The purpose of this short analytical paper assignment is to examine the ways in which a director can create non-verbal effects through her choice of camera placement, camera movement, editing rhythm and style, etc. Put simply, it is an opportunity for you to develop and/or improve your ability to conduct a “close reading” of a filmic text. As we discussed in class, close reading is a way of engaging with a text rooted in a great attention to its formal characteristics. This attention to detail can then form the basis for interpretation and/or analysis. Think of it as a form of empirical observation, if that helps. In the scientific context, first you observe and then you draw conclusions based on your observations. Close reading is the primary way in which film and literature scholars “observe.”
Instructions: Watch the film clip in the additional files. It is taken from a 1950s feature from Mainland China. What is the primary effect of this sequence on the viewer? How do the ways in which the sequence was shot and edited help create that effect? Write a cogent paper answering both these questions.————– please read the link below for film writing basics:
Formatting Requirements: Your paper must be two and half pages long(other half page worth money is for you to think), doubled-spaced, with one-inch margins. Be sure to use a black, twelve-point font.
Focus on something that you yourself find interesting and engaging. If you’re invested in your subject matter, your paper will be easier to write and your reader (i.e. me) will be more invested in it as well.
Try to focus on a problem or a puzzle, something that’s not self-evident, something that requires effort/insight to unravel. Your argument shouldn’t be obvious; it should be debatable but convincing.
Try not to overstate your case, however. Stick to things you can prove. You don’t need to make an argument about film, writ large. It’s okay––preferable, in fact––to simply focus on this individual clip.
Avoid making broad generalizations; they will only bring you trouble.
Summarize the clip only insofar as it helps you make your argument. There’s no need to rehash irrelevant information.
Always remember that you are writing for someone else. You may know what you’re trying to say, but will it be clear to your reader? Try reading your paper out loud to yourself. Does it make sense? Does it “flow”?
A little editing goes a long way. Typos, spelling errors, and factual mistakes are easily fixed, but they have a disproportionately large impact when left unaddressed. They can be the difference between enchanting and angering your reader.

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