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*ES 308 Writing Assignment #2 Writing Assignment 2: Short Paper (5-6 pages): Ima

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*ES 308 Writing Assignment #2
Writing Assignment 2: Short Paper (5-6 pages):
Imagining Nation: Notions of Belonging for People of Color in American Society through Visual Images.
Even though you might not consume a lot of popular culture, visual imagery (from social media, newspapers, television shows, films, and other places, etc. The purpose of this assignment is to watch and research images between the years 2018-2020.
Week 4: Start collecting data for essay and write 1st draft of essay
For this week, you will take notes of the visual images you see around you; for instance, movies, television, magazines, images on Internet, billboards, posters in places that you visit, and all other visual imagery you observe.
Next, you will critically analyzed as it relates to the readings, lectures, and videos for week 5. What did you discover?
Week 5: Write the 2nd draft
Week 6: Turn in final essay on December 6, 2020 by 11:55 PM
Purpose: The objective of the assignment is to critically analyze visual imagery in U.S. society and connect observations to the readings and videos for week 5. Your essay should answer two key questions: (1) How do the images you observe reinforce and reproduce stereotypes/controlling images (see required readings and videos)? (2) How are these stereotypes challenged and resisted thereby empowering for historically marginalized groups?
It will be challenging for you to determine if an image is empowering for these groups so try to support your essay with evidence that supports your position (perhaps include perspectives from people of color and draw on the supplemental readings).
The paper should include a thesis statement and supporting paragraphs. The paper should be 5-6 typed pages, double-spaced, 12pt, and Verdana font or similar.
The paper should include a cover page that includes: name, title (be creative; avoid titles such as “Paper #1”), date, course, and instructor. Be sure to number pages.
The only “outside sources” used in the essay are the images (4-5, or more images) you collect. Otherwise, you should draw only on course material to frame and critically analyze the images. Do not use any outside articles.
Be sure to include a works cited page for the course material used in the essay. I am not strict on a particular works cited format, as long as you include the title, author, and page number ( if using direct quotes). The cover page, works cited page, and image page (if you have one) is not included in the page limit. Proofread carefully for errors in mechanics, organization, unity, and grammar. Unlike the other assignments, you will have two weeks to complete paper #2 which is due December 6th at 11:55 p.m. This will give you one week to make your observations and then some time to work on your essay, so start observing now!
Be sure to include specific details. For example, instead of “Television shows influence beauty norms in America,” write, “The television shows like (refer to specific television show title and episode) influences beauty norms.” Then explain how the show influences beauty norms in the U.S.
Be sure to engage required readings, lectures, and videos from week 5 into your analysis.
Questions to consider:
Since images create a narrative, what do they tell us about American culture and notions of belonging for African Americans, Asian Americans, Latinx Americans, Native American, Arab American, and )
What kind of beauty norm is constructed in the images you found?
How do the images you found serve as counter hegemonic? How do they debunk stereotypes of people of color?
Did you find racial images similar to the ones discussed in Ethnic Notions and Latinos Beyond the Reel?
Remember the quote “The images of the past I think are still, are still with us. They may be altered in some ways and used in different ways”? How does this quote pertain to your analysis of the visual images you observed?
What new insights did you gain from your observations?
In what ways are images empowering and disempowering for historically marginalized groups of color?

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