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your chosen theme? Why or why not? Guidelines: Your term paper must follow the f

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your chosen theme? Why or why not?
Guidelines: Your term paper must follow the following guidelines
In The Republic, Plato explores several important themes (e.g., justice, power, human nature, etc.) Choose one (1) of the above themes (or another approved by me) and fully articulate Plato’s position on that theme. Use two (2) or (3) distinct arguments/concepts from The Republic to support your thesis. Do you agree or disagree with Plato’s position with respect to :
 Total paper length must be at least 2,500 total words in length (approximately eight (8) to nine (9) double-spaced pages plus title page and works cited page). Papers failing to meet this requirement will be heavily penalized. See attached Grading Rubric for more details.
 You must insert the final “word count” on the bottom of the works cited page. Instructions for adding the “word count” field to your term paper will be given in class. Instructions can also be found here:
 Your paper must be typed, double-spaced in 12-point Times New Roman font with 1-inch (1”) margins on all sides.
 Your paper should include a title page at the beginning of the paper, as well as a separate works cited page located at the end of the paper. Your title page should be fully descriptive and include (at minimum) the paper title, course name, semester and year, instructor name, student name, and date. Your works cited page should adhere to MLA Style (discussed further below).
 Each page of your paper (except the title page) should include a page number located in either the upper or lower margin. Do not include a table of contents.
 In writing your paper, you must clearly articulate a central thesis that responds to the paper topic you have chosen. Then, you must develop and execute that thesis. If you have any questions about this requirement, please ask me for help.
 In writing your paper, you must use and properly cite any relevant primary course text(s), as well as at least two (2) additional outside sources. Your outside sources should be scholarly in nature (e.g., article from a peer-reviewed journal; not Wikipedia or SparkNotes). If you only use the minimum two (2) outside sources, both MUST be scholarly in nature. If you use more than two (2) outside sources, most (but not all) should be scholarly in nature. If you have any questions about outside sources, please ask me for help.
 If your paper fails to cite any sources, you will receive an automatic “0.”
 You may find the following online research sources helpful:
o Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy – (good background reading on topics and philosophers)
o (a very extensive database of published philosophy articles)
o The JSTOR database at your school’s library.
Page 2
 Use MLA Style Guide when citing your primary and outside sources. Please note that MLA Style differs depending on whether you are giving an in-text citation or a citation on a works cited page. The following link contains a helpful free guide on MLA Style and several citation examples:

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