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**Professor uses Check Turitin Percentage , paper must be at 20% or less.
Gifts Case Study on Pages 58-59
Stuart is a senior financier based on London. He had been tasked with arranging finance for the construction of a shopping centre in a majoe Asian city. He has been working closely with a number of the senior executives of an Arab development company that will eventually lease the shops. His role has involved a number of overseas flights at short notice, long hours, late night calls, and the resolution of a number of crises over several months.
At the conclusion of the project he receive an excited phone call from hs wife that there is a Jaguar in the driveway, tickets for an expensive holiday and a note of thanks for all of hs work and her patience from his Arab colleagues. Stuart recognizes that this is a difficult situation not only in regards to the appropriatness of keeping such expensive gifts but also the cultural dilemma. The giving of expensive gifts is common practice for his colleagues’ culture so returning the gift risks insulting their generosity.
Ethical Decision Making Framework
Analyze the case first by using the Ethical Decision Making Framework as defined by Hartman, DesJardins, & MacDonald (2018). This framework will require you to determine the facts, identify the ethical issues involved, identify the stakeholders and consider the situation from their point of view, consider the available alternatives, compare and weigh the alternatives, make a decision, and monitor and learn from the outcomes.
After the ethical dilemma is analyzed, address the following questions:
Does Stuart keep the gifts or not?
If Stuart doesn’t accept the gifts, how will he explain it to his wife?
Would the answer be different if the gift was given prior to the commencement of the project rather than at the completion?
Format Guidelines
-Times new roman font size 12
-Question and Answer Format
-Essay format and doubled spaced
-APA format (In-text citations and References)
-Major Headings for each section in the analysis -Body (APA in-text citations)

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