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Your final essay on Toni Morrison’s Beloved using the topic of your choice must

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Your final essay on Toni Morrison’s Beloved using the topic of your choice must be well thought out and solid. I will be first look for certain key components to be sure you planned this project carefully, as it is 50% of your grade:
Thesis statement, clear and concise;
Topic sentences that relate back to the thesis;
Supporting sentences that are focused and refer back to the topic sentences;
In text citations in EACH body paragraph that are checked by MLA (OWL PURDUE) and formatted correctly;
Transitional words and phrases from the list provided in your files;
A strong conclusion that restates the thesis and does not RUSH to an end.
The essay must be MLA, 3-5 pages. FORMAT MUST BE PERFECTED, INCLUDING THE HEADING, OR YOU LOSE 10 points automatically. If your thesis is not CLEAR AND CONCISE, your paper will receive an automatic 59. Without a thesis, there is no “map” for your study. TREAD CAREFULLY! The basic rubric for an essay will be attached and will be used explicitly for grading. In addition to your essay, you must turn in an MLA Outline that mirrors your essay. This shows you have planned it out and exercised adherence to your plan. The Bibliography must be formatted and you must have at least 5 sources, one of them is BELOVED. Sources can be other books, articles, film, interviews, etc. They MUST make sense to your study. Your CURRENT average will be added with your project average and divided by 2. That is how your final grade will be determined. You can determine what you NEED to make to pass the course with that information. There are NO extensions. Please govern yourselves accordingly. ———————————————————————
Between your “almost last draft” and the one you turn in, please go through the following checklist (and you might have someone else do it, too). Rules for Writers
and the videos shared previously are good sources to follow up with if you are unsure about something. You can also check the Purdue OWL. Finally, a trip to the Writing Center and/or having someone take a look is always a good way to be extra sure that your work is ready to publish.
When I grade your papers, I may make reference to the items below using their numbers. If I do, please take time to see what you need to improve upon for the next paper.
Make a check once you . . .
1. Created an MLA heading and put on page ONE only.
(Remember the date like this: 13 October 2014.)
2. Followed MLA page numbering.
4. Wrote the title with the necessary words in capital letters.
5. Double-spaced throughout. Indented paragraphs.
6. Used Times New Roman 12 pt font.
7. Checked spelling/fixed typos.
8. Checked for fragments. (Refer to our previously used PDF, Avoiding Run-On Sentences, Comma Splices, and Fragments)
9. Checked for comma splices. (Refer to previously used video, Run On Sentences and Comma Splices and How To Fix Them)
10. Placed titles of longer works in italics and shorter works in quotation marks. 11. Introduced each quotation properly with a signal phrase with a comma OR a signal phrase with a semi-
colon. (Not doing so is called a “dropped quotation”.)
12. All quotations that are in body paragraphs are well placed in their “quotation sandwiches.” (That means that no body paragraph begins or ends with a quotation.)
13. Used signal phrase verbs only ONCE a piece. (If you need a list, see Signal Phrases & Verbs document in BB Files.)
14. Followed MLA for in-text citations. (I.e., quotations within your essay—)
15. Followed MLA for (limited) block quotations (if you used them).
16. When you introduced a text title, you included the author’s name.
17. Introduced each author with a first and last name and then last name only throughout. (Do not use Mr., Mrs., Ms. Etc).
18. Used “I” or “me”, etc. just for anecdotes. Took out all the “I believe”, “I think”, and “In my opinion,” sorts of phrases.
19. Took out the word “quote” or “quotation” and “essay” if used. Does not announce intentions for writing.
20. Took out vague phrases like “Nowadays” or “In history,” that cannot even be verified and are cliche.
21. Used creative transitions. (See Document in Files.)
22. Have written the assigned number of pages?
23. Included all your quotation citations in your Works Cited.
24. Took out any Wikipedia citations. (Wikipedia is a great source, but it isn’t considered reliable because anyone can make changes to it at any time. Suggestion: use it in the exploratory stage and look up sources found at the bottom.)
25. Followed MLA for Works Cited margins and rules for the citations themselves.

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