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Prompt: should create laws similar to California so that there are only electric

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Prompt: should create laws similar to California so that there are only electric cars
Peer Review Instructions
You will be reviewing your partner’s paper for content.  Only mark grammar if you can’t understand the sentence or are confused about the meaning.  Before you start reading the paper, read all of the instructions below.
Step 1:
Read the paper all the way through.  After reading, can you remember the thesis and main ideas?  If not, the author may need to do more to organize the ideas.  
Step 2:
Read it again and consider these questions:
Identify the hook – is it effective?
Does the background paragraph give enough information for you to understand the paper without any prior knowledge of the topic?
Identify the thesis
Do the body sections align with the thesis?
Does each section have sub-points?
Does each sub-point have a clear topic sentence that supports the thesis?
Are there transitions between sub-points in each section?
Are there transitions between sections?
Look for in-text citations
Does each body paragraph have cited evidence from a source?
Does the in-text citation include author and page (if there is one)?
If they included a Works Cited page, does each citation have an entry?
Identify the counter-argument
Is the counter at the thesis level, in a thesis point, or in a sub-point?
Does the refutation specifically address the counter?
In the conclusion, identify the restatement of the thesis (should use synonyms)
Does the conclusion provide a summary of thesis points?
Does the closing thought make you think further about the topic? This could be an opinion, prediction, question for the reader, or something else.
Step 3:
Look at the paper format.  Check:
Times New Roman 12 pt font
header w/ name and page #
date format below name
double-spaced, no extra space between paragraphs
tab for new paragraphs
hanging indent, if the Works Cited page is present
Please Use this first paragraph for intro and the second is my body paragraph but i need this to be more simple and correction:
This is the introduction: Other states should create laws similar to California so that there are only electric cars.
The same rules that apply only to electric cars should be designed and enforced in the next few years because the earth is on the verge of extinction, which we humans are causing the biggest air pollution problem, which is causing the planet to warm up. As the Washington Post website puts it: “You deserve a car that does not give your kids asthma” (Dino Grandoni). This statement means we have to think about the next generation. They should live on healthy planet and not get sick and not only think about the present, we need to care about the future. Only by using this law can a very large percentage of pollution from fossil fuels be converted into electricity or electricity and stop this in some areas.
Body paragraph: The United States is one of the leading countries in the world, and California is one of the best cities in the world, but it is also known as one of the most polluted cities, which has passed a law that only has electric cars. Reach zero in the next forty years. There are many reasons why we humans are destroying the planet by polluting the earth and warming the air, and another reason why so many fires are happening in California is the warming of the air. It can be concluded how much this air pollution will destroy us and future generations and even animals and the planet. If we do not think about it now, droughts will be exacerbated by climate change. I may not be able to do this anymore.

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