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In Week 2, you’ll learn that fairy tales differ vastly in form, content, and les

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In Week 2, you’ll learn that fairy tales differ vastly in form, content, and lesson according to who writes them, as well as when, why, and for whom they are written.
Using either a fable or one version of “Little Riding Hood,” explain how your chosen fable or fairy tale demonstrates the importance of understanding different contexts and perspectives when reading children’s literature critically. For example, if you choose “The Crow and the Pitcher,” explain how you might interpret this fable from multiple perspectives, and then reflect on how these perspectives offer you a broader or richer understanding of fables, or children, or children’s literature than you might have if understanding fables as having a single meaning. Or, if you choose Perrault’s “Little Red Riding Hood,” explain some of the details you notice and explain them to us the way I explain them in the lecture notes and podcast for Week 2; how do these details illuminate the context- and audience-specific nature of your fairy tale? These are just examples; there are many ways you can answer this question. Feel free to interpret and answer it as you choose, but make sure you follow the guidelines for the posts as outlined in the assignment prompt.
*One caveat: in answering this question, you may not use these examples I give: 1) Children may want to identify with the fox instead of the crow in “The Crow and the Fox”; 2) The differences in food and therefore in class in the various versions of Little Red Riding Hood. Please give me examples of your own! I look forward to hearing your thoughts and observations.
Sample Critical Analysis Post
Successful posts are more than reflective; they are analytical. Remember, they are what I
use to gauge course engagement and how you are understanding the materials, and they
are also practice for you to develop your own ideas about the materials. A sample of a
successful critical post follows:
Alice in Wonderland is filled to the brim with references to food and drink. Nearly every
chapter seems to hold some reference to sustenance—Alice’s floating orange marmalade jar;
the comfits she hands round at the caucus race as prizes; the too-peppery soup the Duchess’
cook stirs, and of course, the Mad Tea Party, which features bread and butter and jam.
When Alice is stuck, food and drink tend to magically appear to help her change her size
and continue forward, and she eventually learns, in fact, to seek food when she wants to
change her size at will. The attention to food in Wonderland is underscored by this delicious
description of the bottle-not-marked-poison Alice first drinks to grow larger: “it had, in fact,
a sort of mixed flavour of cherry-tart, custard, pine-apple, roast turkey, toffee, and hot
buttered toast” (14). As is evident in this description, food in Wonderland is not only
abundant, it is luxurious—far more luxurious than a common person in Victorian England
could have regularly afforded. In Wonderland, then, where everything is strange—
creatures speak, rules are incomprehensible, scenarios impossible—the ready availability of
sustenance and especially, lavish food items, is also characterized as extraordinary,
demonstrating how Lewis Carroll comments on poverty and hunger in his historical
moment through the seemingly simple inclusion of food in his topsy-turvy Wonderland.
This shows how children’s literature often seeks to educate children about not only fictional
worlds, but also very real ones.
Why this is a good response, color-coded to demonstrate which parts are which:
§ It has one clear and specific main point
§ It provides an appropriate quote (with quote introduction and page citation), then
analyzes it according to the main focus of the response
§ It articulates what we should take away, from a bigger perspective
§ It is 223 words, not including the quote
Recap of Key Points
§ 7 total posts are required; the first is the Introduction Post
§ The required number of critical analysis posts for each module must be
submitted during the module, and each individual post must be submitted
during the week the prompt is assigned
§ Posts made after Sunday, 11:59 p.m., at the end of each week will not be
counted for credit
§ Posts must be a minimum of 200 words, not including any quotes
§ Posts must include a quote and accompanying analysis, unless otherwise
§ You may not post more than once in one week for credit
This is merely an example, most useful for an idea of how to structure your posts. I look
forward to reading your own thoughts on the course materials!
The Community Boards assignment is one of your major assignments for this semester. It is an ongoing assignment, for which you must post critical responses throughout the term. Please read the assignment sheet very carefully for guidelines, due dates, a sample post, and more pertinent information. It is most important that you understand well the number of posts you must complete per module, and that you keep track of how many you have done as we move through the semester.

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