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Topic Ideas and General Information for Research Project English 102/Lamere 1. C

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Topic Ideas and General Information for Research Project English 102/Lamere
1. Choose a person of consequence and discuss his or her life and contributions to the world.
 It must be someone with adequate published, scholarly sources.
 Choose someone who has affected significant change in the world and in your life; someone you would wish to honor or someone who inspires you to live a
life that will change the atmosphere around you.
 Even Hitler had positive qualities, but choose someone who did more good in
the world than harm.
 Do NOT make the research a biography; a thesis is still needed to state why
this person is one of consequence and one should be able to prove it.
2. Analyze an issue in American society. What are the causes of this problem? What
are the effects? What are some proposed solutions?
 The baby boom generation and its effect on social security, medical care and
costs, retirement, and the like.
 A topic related to the prison system or prisoners.
 A topic related to our national security and foreign policy.
 A topic associated with a federal or state program, such as veterans’ benefits,
Social Security, Pell Grants, or the welfare system.
3. Analyze a scientific achievement or medical breakthrough. How successful is a
certain “unorthodox” treatment for the disease? What alternatives are there to —?
 The effects of sleep deprivation; a sleep disorder; sleep patterns as
personality indicators.
 The effects of genetics upon a person’s personality or medical issues.
4. Analyze some aspect of a historical event. Was there a particular public trial or court case that brought about some change in the American legal system? What were the causes or effects of some significant historical event? Papers with historical topics may NOT be summary or narrative of events.
 Soldiers in the military during a specific time period or war
 Christopher Columbus, the discovery of the “new world,” motives,
 The Native American view of the European “invasion” of the western
 Japanese government during American occupation
 Role of the Japanese Samurai
 The effect of the Bay of Pigs upon the U.S. relationship with Cuba today.
Topics that have been overused and will not be accepted: child abuse, child sexual abuse, spousal abuse, capital punishment, detrimental effects of smoking, the fast food industry’s effect on childhood obesity, rape in any form, abortion, and school uniforms.
A breakdown of the assignments is included below.
Research project topic and thesis ideas Annotated Bibliography
Rough Draft Research Paper
Final Submission
Each phase of the Research Project will be reviewed and graded (not a participation grade).
Choose your topic wisely because you will spend a significant portion of the semester researching it. Choose a topic of which you have a passion!
General Information Research Project (Process and Paper)
Length and Format: The research paper must be four (full) to seven double-spaced typewritten pages exclusive of works cited pages. The paper must be written using standard MLA formatting with a minimum of four full (not 3 3⁄4) pages of text/body, and a works cited page. Documentation must conform to the MLA style as studied in class and presented in the textbook. The paper must be prepared using size 12 Times New Roman font. The rubric is included on Blackboard.
Sources of Information:
 The content of the paper must be derived from at least six different sources of
information. These sources must be from AVL databases.
 Acceptable sources include magazine articles, journal articles, newspaper articles,
books, database articles, and Internet pages.
 The sources must be credible research materials, not leisure reading publications,
such as Reader’s Digest, TV Guide, Jet, or People, or individual homepages.
 A variety of sources (three different types) must be used.
 General encyclopedias, like Compton’s or World Book, and medical dictionaries are
not acceptable as sources in any format. Wikipedia may NOT be used as a source.
Penalties: Late papers will be assessed a ten percent penalty (including research process), and no paper will be accepted after two weeks from its due date. Any student who fails to submit a research paper will receive a zero. Being as specific as possible, answer the questions below.

What are possible questions regarding your topic? Suggest at least two. Remember this is a
research-based essay, and you should have a leading question for your research.
Question #1. At what point is it legal to assist someone in killing themselves.
Question #2 What causes a person to seek physician assisted suicide help.
Other questions?

Why did you choose this topic? Suggest your interests or any personal convictions/opinions
that directed you to this topic?
This topic is very interesting and controversial. I don’t believe physician assisted suicide is
morally right. I believe there are other ways to help other than helping someone kill themselves.

What is one potential difficulty that you might encounter in your research?
I might encounter a more biased opinion rather than complete unbiased research.

What are resources you have found to date in regard to this project?
think you have an engaging topic, and I think with more reading you will have more specific questions to answer. Some states already legalize physician-assisted suicide, so perhaps you can research how that is handled. Is it ethical in its procedures? What are the motives?
Again, I think you have a good topic, but I want you to get more focused in your approach.

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