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Write a 1,000 Word Argumentative Literary Analysis Essay on one of the subjects

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Write a 1,000 Word Argumentative Literary Analysis Essay on one of the subjects provided below.
No secondary sources are necessary for this essay (in fact, I would prefer you not use them for this essay, except where explicitly instructed to do so; but if you do use any words or ideas from other sources, make sure to cite them fully, both in the sentences they appear and in the Work Cited List). This essay must be properly formatted according to MLA standards, and should include a Work Cited List.
As this assignment (like all assignments this term) calls for an argumentative essay, it should contain a few important features:
1) your first paragraph should put forward a central argumentative point in the form of a thesis statement;
2) body paragraphs should argue in support of premises that work to reinforce your central argumentative claim;
3) body paragraphs should include quotations from the primary text (the film, novel, or essay you have been asked a question about) that are analyzed to show how they reinforce the argumentative claims you are making. 
Option 1:
Analyze the Spotlight team from the film Spotlight (2015) in terms of Chomsky and Herman’s five media filters (from Chomsky and Herman’s “A Propaganda Model” – see link in UR Courses): what are the features of the Spotlight team that give them some protection or immunity from the media filters Chomsky and Herman describe, and if relevant, are there other pressures that could act as filters on the Spotlight team that Chomsky and Herman do not name?
Option 2:
Analyze George Orwell’s “Spilling the Spanish Beans” (available through UR Courses) in terms of Chomsky and Herman’s 5 media filters (from Chomsky and Herman’s “A Propaganda Model” – see link in UR Courses). This analysis should involve examining which of these filters are shown to be active in Orwell’s essay. If it suits your argument, you may also discuss any other structural elements that act as filters but are not covered by Chomsky and Herman’s model.
Option 3:
While there is a virtual scientific consensus that global warming is real, scientists have had difficulty translating their knowledge about the specific details of global warming into sustained and meaningful political action. Find a newspaper article on global warming that allows you to talk about this problem translating knowledge into action, and discuss the difficulty scientists face by comparing it to either Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” or Leonard Cohen’s “Everybody Knows” (or both; both are posted under “Additional Documents” in UR Courses).
Option 4:
George Orwell’s “Politics and the English Language” discusses many pitfalls of modern political language, including an over-reliance of euphemism (both in terms of using literal euphemisms – e.g. terms like “restroom” – to mask one’s intended meaning, and in terms of using an unnecessary complex style, which functions as a type of euphemism). Apply Orwell’s treatment of euphemism to a part of the political discourse from the last five years – this can be how a group of people talk about something important happening in the world, how a particular politician talks about an event or state of affairs, or how the media covers an important event or state of affairs: what can Orwell’s treatment of euphemism tell us about your chosen political conversation? If there are there important elements of the conversation that Orwell’s model is too limited to talk about, you can also explain what they are, and why it is a problem that Orwell does not provide a way to analyze them

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