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Please write an essay comparing/ contrasting two of the readings we completed du

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Please write an essay comparing/ contrasting two of the readings we completed during this module. The focus of the paper must be “Relationships,” but you may choose what you want to write about relationships. For instance, do you think young men have an easier time with relationships that young women do based on the stories we read? How do parents/ adults support their children or fail to support them in early relationships? What is the role of society when it comes to relationships?
Please make sure you use this rubric to evaluate your Comparison/ Contrast Essay before submitting it.
A. Thesis
1. You did not provide a thesis
1. You assumed a thesis but did not state it. Or you stated a thesis, but the thesis was vague or too broad.
2. You provided an adequate thesis.
3. You provided an outstanding thesis that vividly sets up your description.
B. Development
1.You had neither topic sentences nor logical development
2. a. You had topic sentences, but they were not logical.
b. You had logical development, but you did not provide topic sentences.
c. You had topic sentences, but they were too broad.
3. You had both topic sentences and logical development. These provide a competent but unispired framework for your description
4. You had excellent topic sentences and logical development.
C. Details
1. a. You provide no supporting details and quotations from the work you were analyzing.
b. You provide details and quotatios in an apparently random order.
2. a. You provide some details and quotations, but they are too general and vague.
b. You provide some details and quotations, but too many do not belong where you place them.
3. You generally provide details and quotations in the proper places and provide a general picture of what you are analyzing.
4. Your use of details and quotations clearly, effectively, and aptly supports your argument.
D. Using Course Materials and examples from the tetbook to support your essay.
1. a. You did not use course materials in your paper.
b. You abused course materials and references to the textbook (copied without giving credit, inaccurate work cited)
2. You used course materials and passages from the textbook in a manner that demonstrated a lack of mastery of them. Examples of this are quotations that do not support the argument you are trying to make and strings of quotations that run on too long.
3.You use materials in a competent but untinspired way to support your argument.
4. You smoothly integrate the course materials you use in your assignment.
E Writing the Paper
1. Your essay lacks coherence and cohesion. Transitions are ineffective. The paragraphs read like a list, with no connection between the sentences.
1. The paragraphs have a general focus, but some sentences are unrelated. Coherence, cohesion, can transisitions need work.
2. Paragraphs are generally well developed with fewer than three problems of focus, unity, or coherence. Transisitions may be a bit forced.
3. Paragraphs are focused, unified, and coherent. Transistions are logical and effective.
F. Grammar
1. You exceeded the maximum allowable number of serious grammatical mistakes (10), automatically dropping your grade to an F.
2. 7-9 grammatical errors dropping your grade to a D
3. 4-6 grammatical errors dropping your grade to a C
4. 1-3 grammatical errors dropping your grade to a B

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