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In a total of five to seven pages, please answer the following question. Questio

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In a total of five to seven pages, please answer the following question.
Question. Read Patrick J. McDonald, The Invisible Hand of Peace: Capitalism, The War
Machine, and International Relations Theory, and answer the question that the author tries to
answer in this book: What is the “invisible hand of peace” and how does capitalism bring peace?
What is McDonald’s argument? Assess his argument and make your argument answering this
question. Be sure to offer concrete examples and illustrations to support your arguments
wherever possible, referring to course materials such as the readings, notes you have taken, and
the film assigned so far in this class. In other words, you must make and support your argument
with logical explanation and empirical evidence referring to The Invisible Hand of Peace and
other course materials including the required readings other than the book.
There are many ways you can answer this question, but no matter how you answer it, your
discussion at least needs to include the following points:
1. Contrary to the economists’ conclusion that free trade is good for all countries all the time,
political scientists (i.e., the six articles assigned for Lectures 2–4) argue that states will not
embrace free trade all of the time and that international trading system will be open only
under particular conditions. What is the reason for this discrepancy? To what extent is the
openness of the world trading system best explained by international (Krasner) vs. domestic
factors (Milner and Rogowski)?
2. According to McDonald’s (chapters 1–3) theoretical argument, what brings peace? Answer
this question by answering the following three questions: (a) what states want from
international relations, (b) why states cannot always cooperate, and (c) whether institutions
(domestic or international) matter to achieve peace in international relations. To answer (c),
refer to Davis and either Schonhardt-Bailey or Bailey/Goldstein/Weingast.
3. How is McDonald’s theoretical argument supported by empirical evidence discussed in his
subsequent chapters? You should answer this question by discussing three of the following
four issues: (a) the overall trend in the twentieth century (chapter 4), (b) the period leading up
to World War I (chapter 7), (c) the relationship across the Taiwan Strait, and (d) whether the
peace is brought by capitalism or democracy (chapter 9).
While discussing the above points, you should clearly link your discussions to your overall
argument on whether and how capitalism brings peace.
You have to discuss at least FIVE of the following terms and their significances in the study of
international political economy:
Commercial liberalism (capitalist peace)
Comparative advantage
Corn Laws
Democratic peace
Hegemonic stability theory
Issue linkage
Prisoners’ Dilemma
Reciprocal Trade Agreement Act (RTAA)
Ricardo-Viner model
Stolper-Samuelson theorem
Please underline these terms every time when they appear on your essay.
In writing this essay, you should remember that a good essay has several features:
a) Make sure that your essay has:
• a logical structure, including introduction, body, and conclusion,
• a summary statement of your argument, which should appear in the introductory
paragraph, and
• clear, direct sentences and coherent paragraphs.
b) Your essay should make a clear, coherent argument. While you have to discuss several
issues and events, your treatment of each issue and event should support the overall
argument. Your argument should be clearly stated in the first paragraph.
c) When you have to summarize the argument that an author has made in the reading, we do not
want a blow-by-blow (e.g., “first he says this, then he says that…”) or extensive direct
quotations from the author. Rather, we want you to put the author’s main argument in your
own words.
d) You should support your claims by evidence. An effective analysis will juxtapose your
claims with passages from relevant readings and lectures. Avoid unsupported assertions.
1. This exam is due on Sunday, February 28, 11:59pm on Canvas. Exams submitted after
that time will be subject to penalties. There will be no extensions granted, except in the most
serious cases (e.g., serious illness, death in the family). Any such extensions must be
requested before the due date.
2. You are expected to rely on the readings and the film as well as your notes from lectures.
The most effective answers will combine course material from a variety of sources. There is
no need to do outside reading or to have a bibliography. If you wish to quote directly from a
lecture, the citation should be: (Lecture, Date). When citing from a reading, use short-form
citations. For example:
McDonald argues that “large quantities of public property create political flexibility for
governments wishing to consolidate their regime by enabling them to either raise the
opportunity costs to their coalition members for supporting an opposition candidate or by coopting potential opposition forces” (McDonald, p. 57).
The Stolper Samuelson theorem shows who benefit from free trade and who suffer from free
trade (Rogowski, p. 3–4).
3. Because you have plenty of time to complete this exam, we expect that spelling, grammar
and punctuation will all conform to standard practice. Be sure to proofread your work!

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