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please, provide copies of sources In the course outline you should have seen tha

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please, provide copies of sources
In the course outline you should have seen that the first draft of the PEAR assignment is due this Wednesday.This is a soft deadline but you should have it done by the end of the weekend as you’ll need time to get comments back and incorporate them for the next submission.Details are found under Contents/Assessments/PEAR assignment.Follow the instructions regarding the topic as well as submission.The first submission (of several) is to Pearson Tutor Services where you’ll get back comments on your assignment in 2-3 working days (M-F) after you submit.You’ll need to revise your assignment in light of the editorial comments to improve your assignment before submitting to both PEAR and TurnItIn (both under Tools on the navbar).These submissions are due two weeks after the submission on this Wednesday.The topic from the instructions read
You will write a 1000-1250 word essay using Chapter 9 of CPE (The Pursuit of Happiness:Efficiency and Equity) as the springboard.You must reference 2 other chapters CPE book (Cocktail Party Economics) which addresses your thesis topic.Also, you must include 2 scholarly sources (check google scholar) and 2 media sources on the topic you are interested in exploring.For example, you can discuss equity and efficiency issues of racial discrimination, sports teams, climate change, seniors’ long-term care facilities, or wearing masks and social distancing during Covid 19 etc
Citing Sources:Use footnotes to reference your sources just as CPE does.You do not need a bibliography.
Editing is a very important component of good writing and you must submit your draft to Pearson Tutoring Services through the MEL portal to get feedback (not graded) on your essay.You are then to edit your essay and submit the draft, Pearson’s comments, reflection on the comments you received and final version to PEAR.
To elaborate a bit – many government policies in particular have implications for both economic efficiency as well as equity (fairness).There is a tension between the two and that is discussed in chapter 9 of Cocktail Party Economics (one of your required texts).You decide on a topic that has both economic efficiency implications. For example, signing an international trade agreement usually results in the “average” household having a greater real income (in terms of goods consumed) but trade agreements also usually result in winners and losers.So economic efficiency is improved but the distribution of income might be worsened – it is less equal.Another example might be how salaries are determined at our University.Regardless of the discipline new faculty are paid roughly the same amount when starting.This is quite equitable, but perhaps not that efficient (we lose many good potential faculty as other universities are willing to pay more for new PhD’s in certain disciplines,You need to search the internet to find articles (use google scholar for academic articles google to find media reports).Don’t stress and do the best that you can.You need to reference at least two other chapters in Cocktail Party Economics as well.Perhaps the chapter on Supply and Demand, Market Structure, or another chapter will be useful in helping to elaborate in discussing your topic.

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