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Migration, Immigration, and Emigration, and Their Effects on Religion, Women, an

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Migration, Immigration, and Emigration, and Their Effects on Religion, Women, and Minorities in the Developing World
To assess your ability to:
Examine how migration and immigration have impacted a country’s culture
Summarize the role of women in the development of your assigned country
Analyze the effect that events, conflicts, or immigration patterns have had on religious practices, women and minorities in a given country or region
Analyze how the history of a country manifests itself in its culture
Assess the immigrants’ paradox: the need to identify with one’s home culture while attempting to assimilate that of one’s adoptive country
Analyze a human rights issue either from his or her assigned country or another area of the world
Research conflicts
As with the first research paper, you are continuing your assignment as a special envoy to a committee in your assigned country. A special committee is being formed in your assigned country to assess the current impact of globalization. In this paper you will discuss migration / immigration / religion / ethnicity, and women’s rights. Keep in mind to be effective you need solid, academic research and current data to back up your findings.
The objective in gathering this information is to clarify to the committee the key issues today to help prepare your country for the current pressures and needs of belonging to a global community and also to seek resources and funds to meet those needs. This document will be used to consider the most pressing local and national issues that should be addressed to ensure integration into the globalizing world and ensure human rights and peace in the process. In other words, the long term goal is to minimize negative impacts of globalization and increase the positive outcomes. You should follow the guidelines for content in the action items. The conclusion of your last paper (Week 5) should summarize what you feel are the most important issues to bring to the committee’s attention and what you feel are the main implications that should be addressed to ensure the peaceful and sustainable development and growth of your country within an international network.
More about Migration: Throughout history, the movement of human groups has created significant culture change as cultures have contact and sometimes clash. This culture change has had tremendous influence on many of the issues facing society today and in the past. This assignment will guide you as you look at how the migration of humans has shaped the current world society, not only creating diversity with culture, but also creating issues that society must address. Topics such as law, custom, religion, the treatment of women and minorities will be considered and viewed from the perspective of how they are shaped by migration. Multicultural societies deal with many legal, ethical, and cultural issues when making decisions about how to manage the many aspects of immigration. These issues regarding immigration are current concerns throughout the world.
One of the new realities of the modern world is cross-border and cross-cultural migration. Millions of people are shifting–either for reasons of political dislocation, or in aspiration for a better life–to live in other countries, sometimes far from their country of origin. With this major assignment you will see how migration and immigration influence your assigned country and, further, how women, perhaps affected by migration, are treated in that society.
As you read the information in your research, you should keep in mind some general definitions of three major terms: immigration, emigration, and migration. These terms are often used interchangeably, but in a sociological context have specific meanings. Immigration is entering a country most likely for the purpose of living there permanently. Emigration is leaving the country of one’s origin to go to and live in another country. Migration is the movement back and forth from one country or part of a country for the purpose of work, or because of weather or other living conditions.
Another thing to keep in mind is how the threat of climate change affects a woman’s role. Climate change is a problem that affects not just the environment, but also has economic and social consequences. For example, climate change varies among regions of the world and affects different generations, income groups, and even gender. People who live in poverty are more likely to experience the impact of climate change. In your research, you will find that women in rural areas in developing countries are highly dependent on local natural resources for their livelihood because of their responsibility to secure water, food and energy for cooking and heating. Therefore drought, deforestation, and variations in rainfall make it harder for these women to secure these resources. (52nd session of the Commission on the Status of Women (2008) Gender perspectives on climate change.)
There are many online database resources available from the Franklin University Nationwide Library. An additional resource is the Global Issues page at the library website, created specifically for students in the Global Issues course. These resources, which include articles, books, magazines, and journals, are available wherever you have an Internet connection, and are guaranteed to be reliable and accurate. Do not rely on Google or Wikipedia or other online encyclopedia for research papers. Click on this video to view a tutorial on searching the Franklin University Library databases.
Write clearly and logically. This happens most effectively when you create an outline and a draft before writing the paper.
Use concrete language. (Concrete language refers to objects or events perceived through the senses, or objects or events we can see, hear, feel, taste or smell.)
Use information from other sources effectively (that means citing sources correctly, both in-text and on the reference page according to APA guidelines).
Synthesize information from other sources — don’t just copy it from the original. Click here for additional help on paraphrasing and quoting. You must have a good reason to quote directly from a resource.
Action Items:
Download and carefully review the Research Paper Grading Rubric before you begin your research paper.
Use the resources below and at least two of your own from your research, and synthesize the information, giving an overview of migration / immigration / emigration in your assigned country.
Vital Voices
Migration Information Source
Global Fund for Women
Gender and Food Security
Can Civilization Survive Without God?
International Report: migration good for developing countries
Consider the impact of religion and how it has impacted the society of your assigned country, both historically and a current perspective. Has religion played a part in past or present conflicts within the country?
Address the ethnic makeup of your assigned country. How has migration, immigration, and emigration contributed to the ethnic makeup of the country? Discuss any current issues related to minorities.
Consider any other significant societal issues, such as women in development, that may have increased social conflict or the economic impact of migration and immigration.
Write a 4- to 5-page paper, using APA format. Include a references page and relevant in-text citations to support your paper. This should include all of the works that you cited using APA citation guidelines. Refer to the APA Style Guide if you have questions about APA format.

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