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Overview of Assignment: Research / select 3 icons from one specific culture. Tra

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Overview of Assignment: Research / select 3 icons from one specific culture. Transform the icon or icons into designs that are current, relevant and exciting.
Submission # 1 (of 4) Select & Adapt Cultural Artifacts
Choose a single culture and find 3 different iconic artifacts to update
Avoid contemporary, abstract, historic or modern art
Avoid paintings or European art.
Avoid photos of people or graphic images.
These icons should look like the culture – they should be easily identifiable as the culture that you have chosen.
Virtual museum collections are available – visit a museum in Greece (for example) to find these artifacts! Do not use artifacts from the module
Icon identification
Narrow your focus to three icons from a SINGLE non-western culture (not just a religion).
Include a short icon analysis (bullet points) to identify each icon including its name, uses, significance, meanings, media and culture of the people who use the icons. Include images of the icons (multiple if appropriate). Cite the location and date.
Avoid plagiarism by using your own words. It is easy to find plagiarized work today.
Original icons and modified designs
Use color images to present your three icons. (Avoid simple graphic or digital images)
Adapt these 3 icons into 3 new adaptations inspired and informed by the original designs. Modify, combine, contemporize and re-invent the original research into renditions that appear fresh and innovative enough to be in the current marketplace, yet reference and acknowledges the roots of the design.
Present all 6 images in a cohesive collection. (3 original icons and your 3 adapted icons)
Cite date, media, location, culture, country, etc.
Title your cultural selection.
Submit all in one single compressed file – the assignment must be uploaded for consideration – no emails
This is design only – there should be no application to product in part one of this assignment
Submission #1 – Rubric
Icon research _____/10
Includes a minimum of 3 color images, cited and identified from a single culture
These should be recognizable iconic artifacts. Avoid dependence on graphic images or photos
Identify date, media, culture, location.
Images should be large enough to see design, unless outside shape is the design
Adapted designs _____/10
3 adapted icons
New icons are derivative of the origins
Effectively pulled designs from origins.
Adaptations are fresh, innovative, inventive and visually exciting
Adaptations need to rendered in color
Submit all in one single compressed file – the assignment must be uploaded for consideration – no emails
File organization and layout ______/5
Total _____/25

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