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1. We all know that running a stop sign is against the law. Many shopping center

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1. We all know that running a stop sign is against the law. Many shopping centers have stop signs in their parking lots. If the shopping center is closed, do you think a police officer should give an individual driving through the parking lot a ticket if he or she runs the stop sign? Why, or why not?
2. Respond to classmate? Agree or disagree? Stop signs are put in place for safety precautions. Just because the shopping center is closed that doesn’t mean people are not walking or driving around. Failing to stop at a stop sign could result in hitting a pedestrian or hitting another vehicle. I belive you should get a ticket if you get caught. A stop sign means you have to stop, It is not a suggestion based on the business’ hours of operation. Policing is about consistency. Being inconsistent in your police duties could cost you a case further down the line. You shouldn’t pick and choose unless there is a exigent circumstance of some sort. 3. Diversity in policing is a very important topic. How would you advise police departments to increase their diversity? Provide at least two ideas. 4. respond to classmate? agree or disagree? Policing today is not the same as it as thirty years ago, in fact its not the same as it was when I started ten years ago. Society demands and moreover, deserves to have a law enforcement agency that represents the community in which they patrol and protect. Since the tragedy in Parkland, agencies have reallocated resources to staff positions as school resource officers. They have since had to back fill various positions in their agency and recruiting and retention have become an issue.
Agencies have come up with recruiting methods to attract qualified candidates to enter this profession. Allow me to highlight a few of those methods. As someone who assists with recruiting for my agency, I start at the academies. Students in the police academy can either be already hired by agency or pre-service, which means they put themselves through the academy without employment. Every time an instructor walks in the classroom, the students are being evaluated. I look for students who excel academically as well as mentally. I look for students who represent the community in which I serve and I feel would be an asset to my agency. Another recruiting method utilized is targeting law enforcement officers from other agencies. As I mentioned in our first discussion post, you need to do your research on protentional agencies to find the best fit. There are fantastic officers who have come from larger departments to work at my department because the quality of service we provide and the manner in which we provide it.
In both cases, we compare those candidates with the demographic of our jurisdiction. The ideal officer for my department is someone who our community members can look at and potentially see themselves in. We want our officers to be approachable by the community and that starts with recruiting.

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