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Do you think that cohabitate is a good way to “test out” a marriage before actua

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Do you think that cohabitate is a good way to “test out” a marriage before actually getting married? Why or why not?
(these are the questions)
REPLY 2 of their post- start with I agree with you.
Personally, I think that despite everything we have been told in our lectures so far, cohabitation is a great way to test out a marriage before actually getting married. Our lectures had mentioned that cohabitation before engagement would mean a low satisfaction in the relationship, negative communication and a higher probability of divorce. I do not agree with this though. When people move in together, they begin to notice and/or find out about some of the different things that their significant other does at home. Being able to expose yourself to this prior to legal commitment/marriage allows people to decide if these things are something they are comfortable with for the rest of their lives. There have been a substantial amount of couples who have gotten married, moved in together and realized that they cannot stand the way their significant other does things. For example, someone who is very clean/organized may end up marrying someone that they did not know was actually a slob and leaves clothes/dishes everywhere. Once they are married, leaving this situation would be more difficult than if they had just tested the waters before they made that commitment.
2. Personally, I believe that cohabitation is a great way to “test out” a marriage before actually getting married. Even though, as stated in the lectures, people who cohabitate before commitment have a much higher divorce rate, I still think that one must live with his/her significant other before deciding if they want to make it a lifelong commitment. There are a few reasons for this. First, one will find out a lot about his/her significant other through living with them. A person will be able to see certain sides of his/her significant other that has never been seen before. This person can then decide if they believe his/her significant other fits their “needs and standards.” There are many things one can find out by living with someone else, such as: hygiene, chores, work, money, habits, values, etc. There are so many things that can either make or break a relationship when two people start living together. This should be considered the final test before deciding to commit to one another, not the other way around.

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