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Topic for Paper History Paper – Students would choose an organic molecule that

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Topic for Paper
History Paper – Students would choose an organic molecule that revolutionized the modern world and write a paper on who discovered it, how it was first discovered, how was the molecule originally used, and modern applications. Most pharmaceutical drugs are organic compounds and you will find a lot of information on them on the internet. Structures of molecules must be presented in paper. Please print the topic submission form found in the research project module, write the name of your drug/active ingredient/organic molecule and submit it to me by October 7, 2020.
Paper Formatting:
A minimum of 3 full pages (If written at the top of page 1, your name, date, course #, etc do not count toward the length of the paper).
1” margins on top and bottom, 1.25” margins on left and right.
Uniformly double spaced.
Times New Roman, Helvetica, or Arial font – 12 point.
Must include an introduction, body, and conclusion.
Must be properly referenced using APA or MLA formatting.Cover page, pictures, structures etc do not count toward your page count.
In-Text Citations and a Works Cited or Bibliography are required!
Please see me or visit the Library for help with referencing, if needed.
Cannot have more than 15% of the material quoted directly from your sources.
Plagiarism of any form will not be tolerated. If in doubt, ask!!!!
If you need help getting started, your research project could include information such as: Name of the major chemical (scientific and common).
Molecular, empirical and structural formulas of the major chemical.
Identification of functional groups.
Chemical properties.
Discovery of the molecule.
Mode of action of the drug: what receptor does it bind to and what does it do in the body
Major producers and uses.
Annual profits.
New or recent applications.
Competitors or similar molecules used for the same applications.
How does the molecule impact life? (Yours or others).
What are the positive/negative effects from use of this chemical?
Are there current events related to this molecule?
Use the material we have learned in lecture or lab – if it relates to your chemical.
Your own thoughts and opinions!
You are not required to include the above topics nor are you limited to the above topics. Any information regarding the chemical of choice may be included in this research project. Grading the Project:
Paper: The research paper is due by 8:00 am on December 7, 2020.. You MUST submit your paper through the SafeAssign link found within the Research Project module. You will NOT be able to make changes after submission of the paper through SafeAssign. Make sure you proofread before submission. The deadline will not be extended if you are absent from class. I will not accept the paper as a hardcopy printout in class or by email. You will receive ZERO points if you miss the submission window.
The grade of the research paper will be assigned based on:
Information presented.
Proper formatting of the paper and references, punctuation, spelling, and grammar.
A maximum of 75 points can be earned from the research paper.
PPT Presentation: The oral presentation is due in class on December 7, 2020. You will create a PPT presentation based on the active ingredient of your drug. The PPT should be a summary of what you learned in the process of writing the research paper. On December 7, 2020, you will show your PPT to the class and you will give a brief presentation for 7 -10 min about what you learned.
The grade of the research presentation will be assigned based on:
Content Printout of the references.
Appearance – Make it look nice!
Your ability to answer questions.
A maximum of 25 points will be awarded for the presentation. A total of 100 points are assigned to the research project.
A Few Notes on Sources, Plagiarism and Referencing:
Do not trust everything you read on the Internet. The Internet is a powerful tool for gathering information however, not all of the information on the Internet is factual. (Don’t believe me?! Do a little research on DHMO). Be cautious and use your best judgment to determine if a website can be trusted.
Wikipedia is not an acceptable scientific resource. Wikipedia is an open source website which means any and everyone can edit the material within Wikipedia articles and you cannot be sure that the information within the articles is factual. Therefore, I do NOT accept Wikipedia as a scientific resource. A 25% deduction of the grade for the research paper will be given to any student using or referencing Wikipedia.
Plagiarism and Referencing:
There are many forms of plagiarism. Plagiarism is the copying of words, ideas, or formatting from a source. Plagiarism is also the failure to give credit to the source of the information. Even if you have given credit to the source, copying the original author’s words, ideas, or formatting is still considered plagiarism. To avoid plagiarism, you should:
Paraphrase the source material (rewriting the material in your own words).
Read the documents attached in “Preventing Plagiarism” under research project.
Look up definitions of unfamiliar chemistry terms to help you paraphrase.
Avoid the use of highly technical chemical information that you do not understand.
Properly reference ALL information looked up – This means the source must be listed in the works cited or bibliography AND an in-text citation must be found.
If you are unsure how to make an in-text citation, see me or the librarian for assistance.
Both the paper and the oral presentation must be stated in your own words and properly referenced. If you need help paraphrasing or referencing, please contact me. I will point you in the right direction to get extra help.
Upon submission of the paper to SafeAssign, a plagiarism report will be generated. You will not get a copy of this report and you will not be able to correct the paper after submission. Make sure your paper is clear of plagiarism before submission. Any student caught plagiarizing will be given zero points for the project (paper and presentation). In addition to a zero on the project, you could face disciplinary actions from Davenport University. Davenport University has zero tolerance for Academic Dishonesty, which includes plagiarism. In all cases, zero points will be awarded for the project. Please refer to the academic integrity policy in the syllabus or visit Davenport University’s website for more information.

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