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A Peer Response must be substantive by bringing information to the discussion or

A Peer Response must be substantive by bringing information to the discussion or further enhance the discussion. Each Peer Response must have a minimum of ONE reference with citations (the best is a peer-reviewed article). Word count is greater than 75 words or at least 5 sentences in length. Statements like “I agree” or “great post” does not count for the words or sentences. Please respond to the each discussion individually.
Discussion question/Participation #1
Research studies can either be qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods. Using both methods has been proved to be an effective method of conducting a thorough study since qualitative strengths complement quantitative weaknesses and vice versa. Quantitative design involves the use of techniques such as descriiptive, experimental, correlational, and quasi-experimental studies. On the other hand, qualitative research is explanatory and is mainly used to solve problems. Unlike qualitative research, quantitative research findings can be generalized (McKim, 2017). Mixed methods involve integrating both qualitative and quantitative studies for data collection, analysis, and interpretation. Mixed methods design is a modern methodology that advances systematic integration of qualitative and quantitative data in a single research. It has various advantages as well as disadvantages.
Mixed methods have the advantage of enabling generalizability through a quantitative approach and providing details and a deeper understanding of the population under study. Qualitative methods make it possible to record the patient’s details, including their history, feelings, attitudes, and behaviors when they have a health issue (Almeida, 2018). It provides more information that is used to enhance the accuracy and reliability of the results. Quantitative methods make it easier to analyze and generalize the findings. Mixed methods have the disadvantage of being complex to plan and execute, thus more labor-intensive and also expensive.
Discussion question/Participation #2
Qualitative research adds to the depth of research by focusing on the emotions and beliefs of the respondents hence it is a means to study and assign meaning to subjective life experiences, whereas quantitative research is a means of mathematically proving relationships exist between variables. Thus, in the qualitative realm, the researcher gradually delves deeper into the subject until reaching a core of information that can be used to implement problem solving.
Quantitative designs are most often used to test conceptual models and understand the relationships between variables, establish the effectiveness of a particular treatment, or measure the opinions or views of a particular group whereas qualitative approach aims to develop an in-depth understanding of the social phenomenon. The purpose of Qualitative research is to gain an understanding of underlying reasons and motivations as well as to provide insights into the setting of a problem. Combination of both quantitative and qualitative research techniques is called mixed methods research and it has its advantages and disadvantages.
Mixed‐methods research is well placed to investigate complex phenomena and situations and can provide researchers with different understanding of certain phenomena than the use of single methods. (Kajamaa, et. al., 2020).
Discussion question/Participation #3
The quantitative and qualitative methodologies are both used in scientific research to analyze and model various phenomena. The qualitative method aims to collect data about a given context and its meaning through a deeper understanding of the given problem (Queiros et al., 2017). Qualitative research is a process utilized for analyzing and studying a wide variety of subjects. Qualitative research focuses on the analysis of social relations and reality that cannot be quantified (Queiros et al., 2017).
The quantitative method, on the other hand, aims to gather reliable and accurate data. The goal of qualitative research is to produce in-depth and detailed information to analyze the various dimensions of a problem (Queiros et al., 2017). Quantitative research is especially appropriate when there is a possibility of collecting quantifiable data of variables and inferences from samples of a population (Queiros et al., 2017). Its results are regarded as if they constitute a comprehensive view of the entire target population (Queiros et al., 2017). Quantitative research is conducted according to structured procedures and formal instruments. Researchers collect data objectively and systematically.
Discussion question/Participation #4
Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) is the procedure of processing, collecting, and implementing findings from research to improve the working environment, nursing practice, and the outcomes of the patient. The use of the EBP approach to nursing practices assists in providing quality and cost-cutting patient care possible. There are many EBP in nursing, and some that I see being applied in the workplace are:
Infection control is one of the EBP examples. When a patient goes to the hospital for medical care, acquiring infection is the last thing a patient would think of happening. Nurses help in preventing such encounters from happening by observing policies of evidence-based infection. Evidence-based infection involves wearing protective clothing, practicing correct hand-washing, and maintaining the healthcare setting clean. (Woo & Dowding 2017). Even though nurses have various responsibilities, the time spends on controlling infection is worth the effort.
Another example of EBP is using of oxygen in patients having COPD. For the safety and health of a patient, it is vital when nurses adhere to EBP in administering oxygen when it comes to nursing patients with COPD (Horntvedt & Severinsson 2018). Giving oxygen to those patients with COPD is an evidence-based protocol. The practice helps in preventing organ failure and hypoxia, additionally helping the patient live longer.
Discussion question/Participation #5
The inclusion of evidence-based practice in nursing provides nurses with the scientific research to make well-founded decisions (Eastern Illinois University, 2018). Through evidence-based practice, nurses can stay updated about new medical protocols for patient care (Eastern Illinois University, 2018). Evidence-based practice enables nurses to evaluate research, so they understand the risks or effectiveness of a diagnostic test or treatments (Eastern Illinois University, 2018). I see evidence-based practice incorporated into nursing practice every day. From turning a patient every two hours to prevent pressure ulcers, to providing once a shift meatal and catheter care to prevent CAUTIs, to the current Covid-19 pandemic. At the beginning of the pandemic, emergency treatments were being used. After a year and a half into it, we are beginning to see some evidence-based treatments being used. For example, convalescent plasma is not being used anymore for the treatment of Covid. At the beginning, everyone admitted to the hospital because of Covid was receiving convalescent plasma. Several studies have now been conducted to see if administering convalescent plasma to high-risk patients with Covid would reduce the disease progression. These studies found that there was no reduction in disease progression using convalescent plasma, so plasma has been taken out of the treatment for Covid patients.
Discussion question/Participation #6
The aim of nursing practice is to deliver safe and quality care to patients. To achieve this goal, nurses are advised to apply evidence-based practices (EBPs) in decision-making. Evidence-based practice is the incorporation of study findings, clinical expertise, and patient’s preferences in healthcare (Schmidt, 2018). EBPs are effective in patient care because they enable nurses to make quality decisions that produce positive health outcomes. EBPs also increase nurses’ confidence and enables them to stay updated with current health practices. In my organization, it is mandatory to use EBPs when developing care plans for patients. Nurses use research findings to determine the appropriate treatment methods for patients. They also use research to determine side effects associated with certain therapies (Schmidt, 2018). Besides, nurses use EBPs to incorporate patients’ preferences in care plans to increase their effectiveness.
Evidence-based practices are also used when deciding the diagnostic tests for various conditions. EBPs enable healthcare providers to choose diagnostic methods that produce valid results. Besides, it is important to apply EBPs during treatment (Kueny et al., 2015). This is because they enable nurses to reduce medical errors hence providing safe care. They also help nurses to provide quality patient care to their clients. Furthermore, EBPs are applied in decision-making processes. Decisions-making processes are important in healthcare because they determine health practices and treatment methods that are used in medical centers. Nurses are also required to consider the needs of patients when making decisions concerning their health. In addition, EBPs are applied in financial management (Coleman et al., 2018). Health projects and interventions are driven by funds. Therefore, resources in health facilities should be used efficiently to prevent wastage. EBPs help nurses to make wise financial decisions and use health resources wisely. Nurses also use evidence to fund health services.

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