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You were introduced to cultural anthropology and the anthropological concepts th

You were introduced to cultural anthropology and the anthropological concepts that are used to study and understand people, their culture, and their behavior. In the final project film study, you will have the chance to become a cultural anthropologist. The film study is your opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of what culture is, the role it plays in people’s lives, as well as how it influences behavior. In order to do so, you will need to recognize and describe the culture portrayed in the film and discuss cultural values and norms that you observe. You will use anthropological concepts to analyze and explain
the behavior of characters, or conflict between the characters, in your chosen film. You will also compare the cultures represented in the film to your own
Select one film from the approved film list. (Film: Black Panther)
Select three of the following anthropological core concepts to discuss in your film study:
 Assimilation
 Cultural symbols/symbolism
 Enculturation
 Ethnocentrism
 Gender
 Globalization
 Kinship
 Marriage
 Modernization
 Political systems
 Power
 Religion/systems of belief
 Rites of passage
The project is divided into three milestones, which will be submitted at various points throughout the course to scaffold learning and ensure quality final
In this assignment, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following course outcomes:
 Articulate observations about the role of culture in human societies for how it influences the human condition
 Utilize basic anthropological concepts in explaining the beliefs, practices, and cultural norms of different cultures
 Apply basic practices of cultural anthropologists for interpreting interactions between individuals or groups
 Utilize the basic principles of cultural relativism when observing and interpreting other cultures and subcultures
For this film study, imagine that you are a cultural anthropologist. Instead of observing real people in the real world, you will observe the actions and cultural practices of the characters in a chosen film. As you watch the film, pay attention to the cultural values and norms that you observe. You will also choose three anthropological concepts and explore how each concept influences the behavior of the characters. Finally, you will reflect on how this exercise has led you to think more deeply about other cultures, as well as your own.
Remember, as a cultural anthropologist, you are an objective observer.
Therefore, it is important to use the basic principles of cultural relativism as you write about the cultures and subcultures that you observe in the film.
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
I. Cultural Relativism: Throughout the course you have practiced using cultural relativism. In the entirety of your film study, you must do the following:
A. Use respectful language throughout the film study when describing your observations of characters’ behaviors and their cultures.
B. Avoid making judgments about the characters based on your own beliefs or cultural norms.
C. Remain objective when comparing and contrasting cultures, and avoid saying that one culture is better than another.
II. Introduction: In this section of your film study, you will introduce the film and the three anthropological concepts that you selected.
A. Provide the title and a brief synopsis of the film that you chose to examine.
B. Develop a clear thesis statement that identifies the three anthropological concepts that you chose to examine in the film.
III. Culture: In this section of your film study, you will address how culture is represented in the film.
A. Describe two cultures that are represented in the film. You may also concentrate on subcultures here.
B. Identify the cultural norms and values that you observed for each of those two cultures, and provide examples from the film to support your
C. Explain the similarities and differences that you observed between these cultures.
D. Describe a scene in which a cultural difference exists between characters and explain how that cultural difference affected
their interaction.
IV. Anthropological Concepts: In this section of your film study, use the three anthropological concepts that you identified in your thesis statement to
explain the behavior of the characters in three scenes of the film.
A. Briefly explain how each of the three anthropological concepts is relevant to film.
B. Concept One: Explain the influence of your first anthropological concept on a character’s behavior in a specific scene.
C. Concept Two: Explain the influence of your second anthropological concept on a character’s behavior in a specific scene.
D. Concept Three: Explain the influence of your third anthropological concept on a character’s behavior in a specific scene.
V. Application: In this section of your film study, you will think more broadly about using methods of cultural anthropology to understand other cultures
and your own culture.
A. Imagine that you are able to conduct an informal interview with one of the film’s characters, instead of simply observing them. Identify interview questions that you would ask and explain how those questions would help you gain a better understanding of the character’s cultural practices.
B. Compare your own culture to a culture that is represented in the film. What similarities and differences do you see?
C. After thinking about these cultural similarities and differences, reflect on how your own culture may have impacted your initial interpretation of the behavior that you observed in the film.
VI. Conclusion: In this section of your film study, you will summarize your findings and explain what you took away for this project.
A. Explain what this project taught you about the influence of culture on the overall human experience. In other words, how does culture shape who we are?
B. Explain what applying the three anthropological concepts to the film taught you about how beliefs, practices, and cultural norms shape one’s behavior.
C. Explain how this project will influence your interpretation of interactions in your own daily life.
Guidelines for Submission: Your film study should be 4 to 6 pages in length with 12-point Times New Roman font and one-inch margins. Follow the most current
APA guidelines to cite your film, the MindEdge resource, and any additional resources.

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