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Provide an overview of the global health challenge. Be sure that your overview d

Provide an overview of the global health challenge. Be sure that your overview describes the problem and the population it is affecting.
 Explain how global health policies and organizations provide guidance for populations in addressing the global health challenge. Be sure to support your
response with appropriate research.
 Determine cultural considerations that must be considered when working with the given population. Be sure to support your response with appropriate
 Analyze the given situation for the core determinants of health in the population being affected by the global health challenge. For example, what social
factors are important to note in the population, as related to the health challenge?
 Determine, based on your prior analysis, potential root causes of the global health challenge. Be sure to support your response with appropriate
 Analyze the fiscal resources available to the affected population for how they might affect the health challenge. For example, are the affected
individuals typically poor? Does this impact their ability to address the health challenge?
 Analyze social support networks available to the affected population for how they might affect the health challenge. For example, would there be
support at their workplace, either from peers or management, in addressing the health challenge?
 Determine the extent to which the population is vulnerable to the health challenge it is facing based on your prior analysis of their resources.
Please use these resources:
Source One
Comas, I., & Gagneux, S. (2009). The past and future of tuberculosis research. PLoS pathogens, 5(10), e1000600.
This article discusses the ongoing efforts of TB research and provides past and present insights into this particular burden of disease. Furthermore, this article illustrates how immunocompromised individuals can be devastated with a TB diagnosis. The resource also discusses how progressive genomic technologies contributes to a deeper understanding of the virus.
Source Two
Zetola, N. M., Modongo, C., Moonan, P. K., Click, E., Oeltmann, J. E., Shepherd, J., & Finlay, A. (2016). Protocol for a population-based molecular epidemiology study of tuberculosis transmission in a high HIV-burden setting: the Botswana Kopanyo study. BMJ open, 6(5), e010046.
This resource elaborates the need to explore how demographics, social, geospatial and clinical factors factor into the spread of TB. The article sheds light on how TB impacts the Botswana community and how an estimated 60% of TB patients are infected with HIV. As well, the article discusses how drug-resistant TB runs ramped in this underdeveloped country. 
Source Three
Dean, A. S., Cox, H., & Zignol, M. (2017). Epidemiology of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis. Advances in experimental medicine and biology, 1019, 209–220.
The above study discusses the WHO’s SDG’s to end the global epidemic of TB by the end of 2035. This article highlights the importance of improved case detection, testing, rapid treatment initiation and the role of universal drug susceptibility.
Source Four
Mishra, R., Shukla, P., Huang, W., & Hu, N. (2015). Gene mutations in Mycobacterium tuberculosis: multidrug-resistant TB as an emerging global public health crisis. Tuberculosis (Edinburgh, Scotland), 95(1), 1–5.
The resource discusses the emergent need for new drug and treatment regimens due to how the virus mutates. Currently, the drugs of choice include rifampin and isoniazid which has led to a global resistance to TB. Because TB mutates so rapidly, it has proven to be difficult to treat without said protocols being immediately obsolete.
Source Five
Khan, M. K., Islam, M. N., Ferdous, J., & Alam, M. M. (2019). An Overview on Epidemiology of Tuberculosis. Mymensingh medical journal: MMJ, 28(1), 259–266.
Lastly, this study highlights how TB spreads and where it manifests in the body. Because TB is a zoonotic disease stemming from bovines, it is imperative to have a deep understanding of how the disease spreads and what a community can do to prevent infection rates. While this study is specific to the South East Asia Region, it sheds important light on how TB impacts the community on a global scale.

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