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Dear writer this is what my professor wants us to do… I will also send you mor

Dear writer this is what my professor wants us to do… I will also send you more example. this is going to be email ***
As beginning clinical social workers you have already developed a range of abilities, competencies and skills. As you begin this semester assess for yourself what those might be and then reflect upon and determine which clinical skills you look to develop over the course of this semester as a result of being a student in the Advanced Integrated Practice class. These should build upon what is already in your possession and will serve to enhance your clinical acumen. It is a way of asking yourself–“if this class does what it is designed to do how will I be able to tell by the end of the semester.” At the end of the semester you will review and determine whether or not this happened. Obviously along the way you may find yourself concerned that it may not be going in the direction you hoped and it will be important for us to have a conversation about that to better determine the gaps in learning.
Good morning all. A question was raised yesterday about the format and length of the assignment. Here is my suggestion. I hope this clarifies things.
The format is a reflective journal which is not bound by length but by self awareness and curiosity. My hope is that you all will experience an evolution in your clinical thinking and practice so that what you write at the end of the semester will speak to that. You are certainly welcome to reflect and write throughout the semester and I’m happy to give input along the way.
I hope that helps.
Course Description
This clinical course furthers generalist practice with experience in the use of evidence-based and evidence-informed practice that responds to major mental health concerns. A focus will be developing competence in effective use of self in applying brief treatment modalities that include skills in working with the change process, crisis intervention, solution oriented and interpersonal therapy approaches. An introduction to working with clients who have experienced trauma will include the fundamentals of cognitive behavioral models to support use of advanced clinical skills. Students will develop client service plans based on the selection of appropriate theories, intervention models, and evidence informing interventions, including psychoeducation. Students will gain experience as reflective and collaborative practitioners utilizing a practice orientation that attends to human rights and social justice for diverse individuals, families, groups and communities.
Relationship of Course to Human Rights and Social Justice
As stated above, clinical practice based on a collaborative stance will be emphasized that attends to human rights and social justice for all populations involved.
Competencies Addressed in this Course
There are nine competencies that the Council of Social Work Education (CSWE) requires for social work practice. CSWE approaches social work education through a holistic perspective, which includes the following four dimensions for each of the competencies: (1) Values; (2) Knowledge; (3); Skills; and (4) Cognitive/Affective Processes. For more detail about the CSWE competencies, information is available at
The main CSWE competencies covered in this course include:
Competency 1: Demonstrate Ethical and Professional Behavior
Competency 6: Engage with individuals, Families, Groups and Organizations
Competency 7: Assess Individuals, Families, Groups, Organizations and Communities; and Competency 8: Intervene with Individuals, Families, Groups, Organizations and Communities.
Assessment: This course addresses Competency 1 (Skills), specifically – applying culturally responsive practice skills in alignment with the NASW Code of Ethics and relevant documents; Competency 6 (Skills) – managing client systems, ambivalence, and resistance effectively; and Competency 8 (Knowledge) – knowledge of intervention and prevention models for individuals, families, and groups, with evidence-based approach as appropriate.
Course Objectives
The general objectives (and related competencies) are for students to:
1. Use short term models of intervention demonstrating engagement of diverse populations through empathy, reflection and interpersonal skills
2. Engage clients and collect and organize data that results in a working hypothesis based on assessing risk and protective factors that results in a client service plan (Competency 7)
3. Develop collaborative goals and outcomes with diverse clients, based on assessment of strengths, needs, challenges and clients preferences with demonstrating use of the change process and working with ambivalence and resistance (Competency 7& 8)
4. Select appropriate short term intervention strategies based on evidence from research that includes use of theory to inform process and skill (Competency 7 & 8)
5. Demonstrate use of inter-professional collaboration as appropriate to achieve beneficial practice outcomes with critical client systems (Competency 6 & 8)
6. Demonstrate reflective practice that utilizes application of human rights and social justice (Competency 1)

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