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Scoring Criteria: Mid-term Case Study Paper: The purpose of choosing this case s

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Scoring Criteria: Mid-term Case Study Paper: The purpose of choosing this case study is based on the fact that in many life situations one is always a student of the situation requiring analysis of the other players’ personal agenda, negotiations tactics, priorities, hidden motives, values, ethics, degree of risk taking and prejudices. As a student of such, our degree of success is highly dependent on our ability to observe, process and understand these dynamics in order to adjust our negotiations approach to “get what we want” in that situation. Therefore, as practice relating to the above, it is required that you submit a paper on the subject of the following: 12 Angry Men, 1957 Movie, with Henry Fonda, dealing with a 12 person jury charged with deciding the guilt or innocence of a young man charged with murdering his father. It is required that you rent, purchase, borrow or obtain this movie and watch it whatever number of times (Note: The movie is posted within the course, itself.) required for you to construct a paper that responds to the following requirements. In additon, the movie is incorporated into the course content-see the course HOME PAGE: Page 1 – Cover Title Page Page 2 – Table of Contents (Including page numbers) Page 3 – Prepare a Brief list explaination (in sentence form) of the major case issues that need to be considered by the jury for their conclusion. Pages 4-11 (A minimum of 8-pages): Jury Member No. 8, Character played by Henry Fonda. Address the following four (4) parts in a minimum of eight (8) pages: Part 1 – How would you describe his negotiations strategy? Instructions for parts 2, 3, 4 & 5: There are at least forty (40) Negotiations techniques defined and discussed in the course text. Therefore, as preparation, in addition to watching and analyzing the above referenced movie, you will need to read and study Reading No.1.5 titled “Effective Negotiating Techniques: From Selecting Strategies to Side-Stepping Impasses and Assumptions” from the Lewicki textbook 7thEdition required for this course (pages 48-64). Within reading 1.5, there are many negotiation techniques, Therefore I have selected the following eighteen (18) negotiation techniques reviewed in Reading 1.5: Forbearance, Silence, Surprise, Fait Accompli, Reversal, Probing/testing, Setting Limits, Association, Disassociation, Blanket, Bracketing, Salami, Take a Break, Recap What has Occurred, Express How You Feel, Make an Important Disclosure, Ask a Hypothetical Question, Ask for or Offer Empathy. Create ten (10) separate sub-headings for the following topical negotiation techniques. Part 2 – I have selected five (5) required negotiation techniques (FORBEARANCE, SETTING LIMITS, SALAMI, SILENCE, REVERSAL) from the list above that Juror No. 8 used during this movie. Clearly describe the circumstance where in the movie he used such technique(s). Then describe what happened and the result from its use. Part 3 – From the remaining thirteen (13) negotiation techniques that I selected, you are to select five (5) and clearly describe the circumstance where in the movie Juror #8 used such technique(s). Then describe what happened and the result from its use. Part 4 – In a separate heading, Identify at least two (2) compromises Juror #8 had made. Explain what and when they happened in the movie, the circumstances and the effective result of each. Part 5 – Pages 12-18 (A minimum of 7-pages): From YOUR five (5) selected techniques from the list, above, of the thirteen (13) selected Negotiations Techniques that Juror No. 8 used, compose a minimum of 7-pages to complete parts (a) and (b) below. Be certain to use headings for each technique that you chose: (5a) (Separate sub-heading) For each of these five (5) techniques which you selected, write a detailed explanation of how your use of these techniques could be applied in your personal and business life. (Make sure you have separate headings for each of these five (5) sections) (5b) (Separate sub-heading) For each of the five (5) chosen techniques, write and explain the result you would hope to achieve by use of that technique.(NOTE: Make sure you have separate headings for each of these five (5) Part sections and the required sub-headings) Page 19: Bibliography according to APA format for use in your citations. DO NOT INCLUDE ANY CASE ABSTRACT OR CASE SUMMARY. STRICTLY ADDRESS THE QUESTIONS AND USE EACH OF THESE QUESTIONS, ABOVE, AS A HEADING FOR YOUR RESPONSES TO EACH. The mid-term Case Study paper shall be in 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced, 1″ margins, and a minimum of 19 full pages in length of your own research and analysis, including the table of contents and bibliography. Use APA format for in-text citations and references. Be certain that your name appears on each page. Grammatical errors and spelling errors will result in scoring penalties. Do not provide lengthy quotations from a reference. The use of proper grammatical construction, including the proper use of paragraphs and topical headings delineated above and related to the specific deliverables, is required. I WILL NOT GRADE YOUR PAPER WITHOUT ALL THE PROPER HEADINGS. THUS YOUR GRADE WILL BE A ZERO (0). PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOU PARAGRAPH YOUR WRITING AND USE TOPIC SENTENCES IN YOUR PARAGRAPHS. SEE THE DEFINITION OF SUCH VIA INTERNET, THE APA MANUAL OR WRITING ASSISTENCE IF YOU ARE NOT FAMILIAR WITH THE DEFINTION AND REQUIREMENT OF A “TOPIC SENTENCE” USE IN PARAGRAPHS. Writing the paper should encourage you to engage in thoughtful analysis and understanding of the case study. It should incorporate the use of what you have learned in theory and research from the readings and weekly course material. Your analysis should include an integration of readings, theory, and concepts as appropriate.

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