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Page 1 Effective Organizational Change Week 7- Final Paper Paper Outline and For

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Page 1
Effective Organizational Change
Week 7- Final Paper
Paper Outline and Formatting Requirements
Page 2
Learning Objectives
A major objective of this course is to include critical and analytical thinking, as well as applying concepts and techniques from many topics spread throughout the prescribed textbook and other information sources. Responses to this case do not wholly depend on students focusing on a specific chapter for a specific case. Instead, the case requires a holistic application of topics broadly discussed throughout the book. It may also be necessary to conduct research to support responses.
Assignment Details:
Changes in organizations are nothing new, However in recent times most organizations find themselves in a constant state of flux as a direct result of the pressures brought on by the rapid changes in the business environment. These changes emanate from both domestic and global business environment coupled with the technological advancements. To continue to be relevant competitive. most organizations have no choice but to respond to by implementing changes in their business strategies, systems, and workplace processes. While the changes are designed to have a positive impact, sometimes, the results can be mixed.
Research a Fortune 500 company that has implemented a major organizational change prior to 2020. Briefly describe the company, the source or reason for the change, the strategy the company utilized to enact the change, and the results of the change. Was the outcome positive? What worked well for the company and what didn’t? Support your synopsis and ideas for how the company could have more effectively implemented the change with applicable concepts or theories from your text/course materials as well as external sources. Be sure your discussion also incorporates the following areas of interest.
Topics of Interest
 Leadership
 Organizational Culture
 Employee engagement and support
 Resistance to change
 Communication Effectiveness
Use of proper APA writing style general presentation.
Your paper must be APA compliant. Refer to APA guidelines some of which have been placed in the Navigational panel in Blackboard for your convenience
I. Cover page – must be properly constructed
II. References List – must be correctly labeled and constructed. You are expected to use a minimum of 3 scholarly
sources of your choice NOT including the case/article or other course material to support the ideas or
arguments being presented. Please do not use such sources as wikis, blogs, etc.
III. In-text citations – This is vital to demonstrate the absence of plagiarism. Avoid excessive use of quotations and endeavour to use your own words as much as possible. Summarizing or paraphrasing ideas from a source will also need citation. Note that since you will be paraphrasing or quoting from the case/article being analyzed in the assignment, you are expected to treat same as you would any other source – in-text citations and reference list. Evidence of plagiarism could result in a grade of ZERO
IV. A running head is not required for student papers. Please do not include one.
V. Page numbers are required
Week 7- Final Paper
Page 3
VI. Use double line space, 1” margins all around, 12 pt Times Roman (or equivalent – e.g. Arial 11 pt)
Use of Headings and Subheadings
Your papers MUST be organized under the Level 1 headings shown and explained below starting with the Introduction. Note that APA does not specify a requirement for a heading for introduction, but one is required for this paper.
An abstract is not required for this paper. If included, it must be placed on a separate page, per APA, and not be evaluated. It WILL NOT be included in the page count for contents
You may raise level 2 and level 3 headings under each stipulated subheadings as appropriate for your paper.
Introduction (Level 1)
In one to two paragraphs, introduce the topic of your paper giving the reader a clear understanding of what the case/article is about as well as its relative importance to the field of study. You will set a strong foundation for the analysis and also –
 Identify the key problems and issues in the case study.
 Formulate and include a thesis statement, summarizing the outcome of your analysis in 1–2 sentences.
(Level 1)
The detailed discussion is grounded in the facts as presented in the case or article. Set the scene – background information, relevant facts, and the most important issues. In two to three
paragraphs, give the reader precise description of the main issue(s). You should also:  Present the timeline and important players relating to the events of the case / scenario Use in-text citation as appropriate
Pertinent Course Topics (Level 1)
This section should not be excessive. In two to three paragraphs, summarize applicable course topics and identify key concepts and theories that will form the basis of the arguments and ideas that will be presented in the Evaluation & Detailed Discussion. Be sure to show your grasp of the subject area and how it relates to the problems or issues of the case.
Use in-text citation as appropriate
Evaluation & Detailed Discussion (Level 1)
In this section you will discuss the case/scenario in detail and answer any questions and integrate any topics / prompts required to be addressed in your assignment, providing examples and sound rationale for your arguments.
If required, construct a short title to be used as a subheading (Level 2) that identifies each topic or answer to specific questions raised
Consider the influence of both internal and external environments as you analyze the topics / issues in relation to your research findings.
Identify, explain and integrate the relevant concepts that were applied in the case/scenario. Demonstrate that you have researched the the arguments presented in the scenario.
(Level 1)
Identify important concepts and theories that could have been applied in the scenario Articulate how concepts not used would have changed the outcome
Based on any alternatives identified, provide at least one specific and realistic solution or change
Week 7- Final Paper
Page 4
Solutions / Changes (Level 1)
needed either to correct a problem or to mitigate a problem that might occur in the future.  Explain the reason for selecting identified solution(s) or change(s) .
 Support this solution with solid evidence, such as:
 Concepts from class – text readings as well as outside research
(Level 1)
 Determine and discuss specific strategies for accomplishing the proposed solution(s).  If applicable, recommend further action to resolve the issues identified.
Personal conclusion: (Level 2)
Raise a subheading and include your personal conclusion here. You should articulate your overall conclusion that links to your thesis statement in the introduction. This should only be 1-2 paragraphs.
Case Conclusion
(Level 1)
This is the general conclusion to the case/scenario. It is a succinct summary of the key elements presented in the case/scenario and would also include all relevant citations. This should only be 1-2 paragraphs.

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