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Employee Performance Scenario: Charles Nguyen sat down at his desk with a sigh.

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Employee Performance Scenario:
Charles Nguyen sat down at his desk with a sigh. Mid-year reviews were due in less than two weeks, and tonight he had to write up his notes on May Tran. Tran had been a nurse in the Emergency Department of Northwest Hospital for five years. She was recently promoted to be the nursing manager in the ER. She had come with glowing recommendations from ER physicians and from the former nursing manager, who said that Tran knew more about patient care than anyone else on the ER floor. Her coworkers liked her, and she often covered shifts when other nurses called off sick. But Nguyen almost didn’t recognize the woman he had hired with such high expectations. Tran’s nursing staffing schedule was in chaos, her direct reports were complaining that Tran wasn’t letting them do their jobs, and Tran didn’t seem to have time to get her own job done. To top it all off, Tran just didn’t seem motivated. Was there anything he could say that would turn things around?
Across town, Tran was talking with her husband. “I just don’t know, Bill. When I applied for this job, it seemed like such a great opportunity, but now, everything is falling apart.”
Bill nodded sympathetically, and Tran went on, “I knew that I didn’t have any management experience when I applied for the job, but how hard could it be? I only have 6 nurses reporting to me. But they always want something, and I can’t get any of my own work done. I don’t know what Mr. Nguyen is expecting. As far as I can see, the other nurses don’t do things correctly, so I end up covering many of their patient care duties. Another problem is the computer scheduling system. I just can’t get the hang of it. I can’t see all 6 nurses’ schedules simultaneously, so I keep double-scheduling or not putting enough people on a shift. To top it all off, I have my midyear review meeting with Mr. Nguyen in a couple of weeks. I just know it’s going to go badly.”
How could you apply this week’s coaching concepts to be a better supervisor? Would you apply expert or consultative coaching methods? Why? Would you like to have a coach? What would (s)he work on with you?

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