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Here are the original requirements: You are a sales representative for a medical

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Here are the original requirements:
You are a sales representative for a medical device company that manufactures artificial joints. Your company has developed an artificial knee joint that is less expensive than the competition and will dramatically reduce healing time for patients. However, it is also known to produce a serious and potentially lethal infection in a small percentage of patients. The company refuses to disclose this potential side effect. You feel you have a duty to divulge this issue, but you signed a nondisclosure agreement when you were hired and worry about possible repercussions.
A.  Select a nonfictional leader who you feel has exhibited exemplary ethical conduct and do the following:
1.  Discuss two ethical traits your chosen leader has demonstrated.
2.  Explain how your chosen leader has exhibited ethical conduct.
B.  Compare the deontological and consequentialist perspectives and how each perspective would approach the dilemma from the scenario.
C.  Explain which level of cognitive moral development (i.e., preconventional, conventional, or postconventional) is represented in the scenario for each of the following questions:
•  Which action would most likely serve the greater good in society?
•  If I reveal this information, will I get into trouble and possibly even lose my job?
•  Which action best aligns with my long-held belief in the principle of justice?
•  What do the laws say, and what would a law-abiding citizen do?
•  If I keep quiet will I get some sort of reward?
Four out of the five questions are correctly categorized in relation to the three levels of cognitive moral development. The last question (will I be rewarded if I keep quiet?) is incorrectly categorized at the conventional level.
D.  Reflect on your Ethical Lens Inventory (ELI)(attached PDF) by doing the following:
the response does not align with the results contained in the ELI that is attached to the task.
1.  Explain your preferred ethical lens, or what it means to have a center perspective relevant to the ELI.
a.  Analyze whether you have the same preferred lens in different settings (e.g., work, personal, social).
2.  Explain both your primary values and classical virtue(s) from the ELI.
The classical virtue from the ELI is correctly identified as temperance. The paper does not identify the top five values from the Clarifying Your Values exercise and/or compare them to the values/virtue from the ELI.
a.  Compare two primary values and one classical virtue from part D2 individually with three of the top five values from the Clarifying Your Values exercise.
The work does not address the correct primary values.
3.  Describe one of the following from the ELI: your blind spot, risk, double standard, or vice.
a.  Discuss three steps you can take to mitigate the blind spot, risk, double standard, or vice described in part D3 in order to make better ethical decisions in the future.
4.  Discuss how you plan to use the ethical lens(es) to approach ethical situations throughout your professional life.
The report reasonably explains that the values will be used to promote unity. The paper does not fully explain how the ethical lens will be used to approach ethical situations in the future.

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