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Hi Dear’s I hope you all are well,  ORGANISATION IS TESCO. corporate governance

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Hi Dear’s I hope you all are well, 
ORGANISATION IS TESCO. corporate governance and strategy.
This assignment requires ME to produce an initial proposal of 1100 words (Formative) about this topic, will have to write about in my final report. Please note that, as the final report will be based on the proposal. ( 6000 Words ) 
FORMATIVE  (1100 words) 
Produce a formative assessment of 1100 words identifying an issue or problem in corporate governance And  strategy in the organisation . 
I have the Proposal which was Already Done, I will attach the file as soon as when I select the writer. 
“Welcome to BM628 Corporate Governance and Strategy –  You will have already studied and passed a course in Business Strategy and another in Business Research. This course builds on the concepts you have already learnt from both courses – so it is not my intention to revise basic concepts, but rather to take your learning to a more advanced level. The learning outcomes for this module are”
•    The formative assessment will consist of a proposal comprising a 1100-word report. This report will include a brief introduction to the issue or problem in corporate governance and strategy in a specific organisation along with a discussion of why the issue is important. Students will be required to produce a brief literature review about the area of proposed research as well as the details of the methods they will use for both primary and secondary data collection. As part of the formative assessment, students will be required to produce a Gannt chart showing the projected start and finish dates of the final summative project. 
This assignment has been designed to provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your achievement of the following module learning outcomes:
1.    Critically evaluate the industry life cycle of a chosen organisation and reflect on the existing corporate strategy.
2.    Compare and contrast the board’s corporate governance structure and effectiveness. 
3.    Prepare a board crisis action plan for a natural disaster or unforeseen event of catastrophic proportions.
4.    Critically analyse a corporate governance failure and suggest actions that can be taken to reduce or eliminate any similar such occurrences from happening in the future.
5.    Critically analyse the various methods of data collection in order to conduct research into complex organisational issues using both primary and secondary research techniques. 
The summative assessment should include the following:
•    Introduction, background of organisation and review of the problem faced.  500 words. (10%)
•    Literature review. 2000 words (30%)
•    Discussion of the secondary and primary research undertaken. 1000 word (15%)
•    Critical review of the results of the research. 1500 words (25%)
•    Recommendation and action plan. 1000 words (15%)
•    5% of the remaining marks will be allocated to general assignment parameters including but not restricted to structure, synthesis, referencing etc.
The core texts for this module are:
•    Johnson, K. Scholes, G., and Whittington, R. et al (2017) Fundamentals of Strategy. 4th Edition. Pearson Education
•    Saunders, M., Lewis, P. and Thornhill, A., (2014). Research methods for business students. Pearson Education.
Copies of the books are available in the DGHE library and in the online Bucks New University library. 
The assessment for this module is an individual 6000 word written research report with an action plan. The assessment is issued by Bucks New University and will be published on both Moodle and Blackboard when it becomes available. 
This Assignment need to be based on UK Student….
So Harvard references system and acknowledgment must be based on UK and formal business style 1.5 spacing, font sizes 11.
Also some help full relative Article link below for you please .
I have attached MORE paper instruction that’s you must read 7 pages of BRIEF & GUIDANCE which is I have Attached and POWER POINT SLID FILE (LECTURE ONE) please.
If you need I will give more Lecture Slid files.
Could you please read carefully….

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