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Directions: Please provide responses to the three prompts below. The expectation

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Directions: Please provide responses to the three prompts below. The expectation is that each
response is 750–1,000 words in length. Record your answers on a separate Word document.
Properly label your document for ease of reading.
Leadership Experience
Describe an instance (750–1,000 words) where you were required to lead a team. The team you
lead could be a formal (Business setting) or informal.
Note: If you do not have a team leadership experience, write about the leader of a team
of which you were a member.
[Enter your response in the Application Questionnaire Response Template.] Leadership Approach
Analyze your approach (750–1,000 words) to the challenge from a leadership prospective using
specific examples. It is not important whether or not your efforts were successful. What is
important is the approach you take to appraising your leadership decisions and actions.
Consider the following:
• What was the purpose or shared vision of the team?
• The effectiveness of your leadership approach and style. Did you get buy in from
• Decision-making processes and outcomes? What were your good decisions? What
would you have done differently?
• How did you communicate your vision, values, decisions, information, et cetera?
[Enter your response in the Application Questionnaire Response Template.] Fostering Collaboration and Motivation
Analyze your ability (750–1,000 words) to foster collaboration and motivating team members.
Consider the following:
• Describe how you facilitated or encouraged team member or participant collaboration.
• Describe actions you took to motivate people to realize your vision. Were they effective?
Why or why not?
[Enter your response in the Application Questionnaire Response Template.]

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