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The Assignment Task Assume you have just been employed as a Business economist i

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The Assignment Task
Assume you have just been employed as a Business economist in a country of your choice. The country’s Ministry of Economic Affairs has asked you to write a report on any economic topic in the world. Your chosen topic could either be of microeconomic or macroeconomic in nature. Your task, among others, should include the following areas:
a) A general background of your chosen country and topic;
b) An economic framework or methodology to explain your chosen topic and provide a critical analysis on how that topic affects or could affect the success of businesses in the country. You should support your analysis using appropriate data, where applicable. It is important you format any table or graph used. Discuss also how your findings agree or disagree with other research findings;
c) What role could the government play in advancing business success in the country amidst the chosen topic.
Submission Criteria:
Your submission must meet all the following criteria:
(a) Must have a title page with your student ID clearly written. Don’t write your name;
(b) In the form of a report with an executive summary;
(c) Must have content and lists of tables/figures, where applicable;
(d) Must also have introduction and conclusion sections;
(e) Total word limit is 1,500 words (-/+ 10%). This will be strictly enforced;
(f) Be adequately proofread prior to submission, and therefore does not contain significant errors of spelling and grammar;
(g) Be properly referenced (Harvard Referencing System);
(h) Appendices, where applicable, could be included;
(i) Have a Turnitin similarity index of no more than 27%;
(j) Submitted on time via Turnitin (amended submission rules apply);
You must first choose a country/economy for your report.
Here are two different examples.
Example 1: Choose a topical issue (e.g. Brexit effect on food prices)
1. Title page and content – A title page with your Nama and ID and paginated Table of Contents.
2. Executive summary – A short paragraph indicating what the report is about, why it is important, and what conclusions it contains.
3. Introduction: Brief economic (brief background of inflation, etc) background on the chosen country and the topic chosen (i.e. Brexit). Justify why you choose the topic.
4. Economic evaluation of the topic chosen
– What economic concept explains the topic chosen (i.e. inflation in this case). Use economic diagrams or theory to explain inflation – causes, effects, etc
– Brief background of inflation for the UK (using table and/graphs with brief comments)
– Discuss how inflation affect businesses (benefits and costs) – you can support your discussion with appropriate literature references
5. What role can the government undertake to help business succeed in your chosen country with respect to your topic (Brexit and food prices).
6. Conclusions -This section presents your conclusions from your report. What did you set out to do, how did you achieve that and what major conclusions came out of that? How do the conclusions relate (agree or disagree) to well-established economic theories and other literature references?
7. Recommendations – your recommendations should in within your findings. Do not go outside the scope of your topic but you can relate.
8. References/Appendices – must use Harvard references, include variety of sources, books, website, journals, magazines, newspaper, etc. Any extra supporting material charts/graphs you can add here. References and Appendices are excluded from word count.
Example 2: Choose an economic topic (e.g. public goods). Link to a topical issue (e.g. government must increase expenditures on education and training in Malaysia)
9. Title page and content – as stated before
10. Executive summary – as stated before
11. Introduction: Background on Malaysian economy (selective macroeconomic indicators) and topical issue (Malaysian school and training brief history). Justify why you choose the topic.
12. Economic evaluation of the topic chosen
– Economic explanation of public goods – definitions, examples and justification for the provision of problem goods (due to market failure and under-provision of such goods). You should use economic terminologies.
– Benefits and possible costs of public goods provisions. Relate the discussions to businesses. Be critical in your analysis – talk about both cases and use literature references to support your arguments. You can even do case study comparisons.
13. What role can the government play to make this provision beneficial to businesses in Malaysia?
14. Conclusions – as stated before
15. Recommendations – as stated before
16. References/Appendices – as stated before
Areas to obtain data:
1. Check the country government/statistical department/Central banks’ website
For the UK: ONS
For Europe: EUROSTAT:
For World data:
World Bank:
United Nations:
2. Books and Country reports

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