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PART A. Current Cancer Research Article Summaries (25pts) I have provided two on

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PART A. Current Cancer Research Article Summaries (25pts)
I have provided two online sources that provide up to date information on current cancer news. They all provide basic summaries of peer-reviewed research and also provide links to the full papers. Your job is to read and to briefly summarize several of these
Read the following 5 cancer news/blogs and summarize each in 3-4 sentences highlighting the key features
• Overcoming a Cancer Nemesis? KRAS Inhibitor Shows Promise in Early Trial
• Study of “exceptional responders” yields clues to cancer and potential treatments
• Study Suggests a Link between Stress and Cancer Coming Back
2. Read and summarize these recent Science Daily articles. Topics include understanding cancer heterogeneity, improved diagnostics, and some of the oncogenes/tumor suppressors we have talked about.
• Prostate cancer regulator plays role in COVID-19, providing a promising treatment lead
• Big data analysis finds cancer’s key vulnerabilities
• ‘Virtual biopsies’ could replace tissue biopsies in future thanks to new technique
• Breaking bad: How shattered chromosomes make cancer cells drug-resistant • Undruggable diseases gain a new RNA drug-discovery tool ‘Functionalized fragments’ help design RNA medicines against a cancer target
• Single-cell analysis of metastatic gastric cancer finds diverse tumor cell populations associated with patient outcome
• New front opened in fight against common cancer driver
• New way to halt leukemia relapse shown promising in mice
• Conquering cancer’s infamous KRAS mutation
• Location, location, location: The cell membrane facilitates RAS protein interactions
• New therapeutic approach against leukemia
• Cancer: Faster drug discovery to hit ‘undruggable’ targets
PART B: Original Writing Assignment (35pts)
We have examined several of the major “hallmark” mutations/pathways associated with cancer progression. We have looked at the basic biology, therapeutic strategies, and obstacles faced in achieving effective treatment. At least several issues have emerged:
• Many oncogenic targets (e.g. Ras, Myc) are generally considered “undruggable” or difficult to target. Why? What makes a protein difficult to target with traditional drugs?
• Most tumor suppressor mutations are difficult to directly counteract and there are very few gene replacement therapeutics available. How else might you approach this problem?
• Treatment with traditional therapies (e.g. chemotherapy, radiation therapy) often leads to recurrent cancers that have become resistant to standard therapy and generally more aggressive. What approach would you take to circumvent/counteract this?
• Targeted therapies for many cancers have not been developed (e.g. triple-negative breast cancer). What would be some good approaches to advance therapies for this and similar cancers?
Your assignment is to tackle one of these issues (or another similar one approved by your IA). You should do some additional research on the topic (using pubmed or similar database) and write a short paper (1-2 pages) using the following guidelines:
• Introduce your topic and its importance. For example, if you were choosing the targeting of myc, several sentences or so on myc function or importance in cancer progression. A couple of sentences explaining what an undruggable target means and how it applies to myc.
• Summarize some important research studies that have been conducted to address the issue. Continuing with myc, what (if any) therapeutics have been tried and what were the results? You do not have to do an exhaustive search/summary of all studies, just one or two of any important ones.
• Describe some of your ideas for further studies that you would like to propose that would expand on current knowledge. You don’t have to detail a research plan, just use information from the class or research that demonstrates a thoughtful attempt.
• References Remember to site all information that is included in your paper. See example for format. Include at least one reference for each of the previous bullet points. Minimum of three references is required.
General Format of Paper
Basic MLA Format (below is how the top of your first page should look like):
● Your paper should be about 2 pages long (not including your reference page)
● Include the page number and your last name on each page in the upper right hand corner ● Your paper should be double-spaced
● Font: Times New Roman, size 12

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