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For the questions below some can be very simple dress such as the first question

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For the questions below some can be very simple dress such as the first question HOWEVER if the question ask to discuss thoroughly please give as much detail as possible I have included documents to help answer all questions.
1.    What are the dates of the Baroque period?
2.    What does the term “Baroque” actually mean?
3.    Please discuss the transition from the Renaissance to the Baroque period. Include in your discussion, the “pendulum effect,” the music of the High Renaissance, and the “pushback in Florence.”
4.    Please discuss the “Florentine Effect.”
5.    Please discuss the basso continuo.
6.    Please discuss functional harmony, modality, tonality, and functional harmony.
Functional Harmony-
7.    What is opera? Please provide a thorough overview of opera, and the aspects of early opera.
8.    What is a recitative?
9.    What is an aria?
10.Who was Claudio Monteverdi, and why is he significant? What were some of his operas?
11.Please discuss the rise of instrumental music. What were the three elements that contributed to instrumental music in the Baroque period? Please discuss them.
12.What is a sonata?
a musical composition in multiple movements for solo instrument, usually accompanied by the piano.
13.What is a concerto?
A musical composition for a soloist and orchestra.
14.Please discuss tuning, and the tuning system that emerged during the Baroque period.
15.What is the Well-Tempered Clavier? Who composed it?
16.Please discuss figured bass.
17.Please discuss the significance of emotions in Baroque music.
18.Please discuss the castrato singer?
19.Please discuss women in music during the Baroque period.
20.What is an oratorio?
21.What is a cantata?
22.What is a fugue?
23.Please discuss the life and the music career of Johann Sebastian Bach.
Greatest composer of Baroque period.
24.Please discuss the life and the music career of Georg Fredrich Handel.
25.Please discuss the life and the music career of Antonio Vivaldi.

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