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Please Answer Following Question And Read Both Articles 1.How Cultural Anthropol

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Please Answer Following Question And Read Both Articles
1.How Cultural Anthropologists Redefined Humanity Options Menu: Forum
2. Hall of Mirror Pdf Link
1. After reading the entire article, review the below quotation from the article. Discuss at least one way that the ideas in this quotation connect to the ideas in “Hall of Mirrors and/or Cosmopolitanism.” You can note correspondences, contradictions, or the ways that one source further develops an idea in another.
“It’s true that Boas and Benedict spoke of “relativity,” and that at the end of “Patterns of Culture” Benedict refers to “coexisting and equally valid patterns of life which mankind has created for itself from the raw materials of existence.” But everything else in Benedict’s book contradicts the assertion that all cultures are “equally valid.” The whole point is to judge which practices, others’ or our own, seem to produce the kind of society we want. The anthropological mirror has a moral purpose.
The term “culture” is responsible for some of the confusion. We think that to call something part of a group’s culture is to excuse it from judgment. We say, That’s just the lens through which people in that society view the world. It’s not for us to tell them what to think. Our ways are not better, only different. What it all boils down to (to paraphrase Montaigne) is: We wear pants; they do not. That would be relativism.
But to say that a belief or a practice is culture-relative is not to place it beyond judgment. The whole force of Boasian anthropology is the demonstration that racial prejudice is cultural. The belief that some races are superior and some inferior is learned; it has no basis in biology. It is therefore subject to criticism.
2. Hall Of Mirror Question
On page 189, William Sax clearly states his argument:
“I would not, however, wish to justify a scholarly interest in exotic cultures simply by claiming that it often inverts the hierarchy of Self and Others: this would merely be the substitution of one ideology for another. Instead I seek to defend anthropology’s focus on the exotic by arguing, first of all, that focusing on human differences is itself a human universal; and for anthropologists a methodological necessity; second, that perceived differences are often matters of sheer convention, and the anthropologist from afar, himself an exotic Other to those being studied, is particularly well placed to perceive this; and third, that the recognition of difference, whether by anthropologists or natives, does not always or necessarily involve an inferiorization of the other.” Find the place in the reading where Sax elaborates on his third point. Identify the relevant passage and share an example from your own experience that illustrates what Sax is arguing about the nature of the Self-other dichotomy.

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